Post-doc proposal Title: Testing machine for Transtibial and Transfermoral prosthesis

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Post-doc proposal Title: Testing machine for Transtibial and Transfermoral prosthesis

Supervisor: Dr. Samer Alfayad, Pr. Dr. F.B. Ouezdou, contact : ;
Laboratory : Laboratoire d’Ingénierie des Systèmes de Versailles (LISV)- EA 40-48 10-12 Avenue de l’Europe, 78140 Vélizy Application deadline: 12/1/2013
The mean research objectives of Interactive Robotics Group at UVSQ is to address open issues in the field of Safety interaction, Cooperation between active systems and passive systems, Redundancy and improvement of the energy consumption of interactive robots.
Our team has been investigated since 2005 a new actuating technology named "Integrated Electro-Hydraulic Actuator". The IEHA's principle is based on the possibility of producing the hydraulic power independently for each joint in the robotic systems.
A humanoid robot named HYDROïD based on IEHA technology is under development. IEHA system was is covered with an international Patent (WO2009118366). Three other internationals patents were achieved on the HYDROïD's mechanisms ( WO2009135694) ( WO2009144320) and ( WO2009147243).
Context: Although, many lower extremity prosthesis devices have been realized during the last years, the development of the «perfect» prosthesis is still an open question. Transtibial and Transfermoral amputees need sophisticated prosthesis to make them regaining walking normal movement. Furthermore, we believe that, today, a suitable prosthesis must optimize the used energy during the walk, and a comfortable connection with the living
part of the leg.
Subject: The objective of this work is to build a testing machine for Transtibial and Transfermoral prosthesis. The needed machine must be able to reproduce the same dynamic and kinematics conditions applied on the prosthesis during the normal use. Special attention have to be paid for the instrumentation of the contact surface between machine and the tested prosthesis.
Analyzing transfered force via this surface, will help us optimizing the prosthesis's connection to the living leg.
A simulator of the machine need to be built under dynamic simulation software like ADAMS. A low-level and high-level control have to be done to ensure the functionality of the system.
The HYDROïD’s hip mechanism can play key role on the production of the movements in this machine. Hydraulic actuation helping production of high force, hence the possibility to test a variety of prosthesis with a variety walk speed and profile.
The scientific results of this work will be, the definition of the theoretical and the technical criteria needed to build optimal Transfermoral and Transtibial prosthesis.
Candidates profile:
Candidates, PhD graduated, should justify full knowledge in theoretical developments and in experimental techniques for mechatronic systems design. Experiences in the fields of hydraulic systems, dynamic simulations and control well be greatly appreciated for this application. According to project's context, the candidate is expected to contribute to the management of the project, co-supervise thesis works and attend the meetings with partners. The ability to work autonomously, creativity, and team spirit are imperative.
Proposal: Post doc contract Salary range: > 25,000 and < 35,000€ annual gross. Duration: 12 months, renewable (From first 2013).
Samer Alfayad, PhD |  Associate Professor at Paris-Saclay University.
Hold an Industrial excellence chair about hydraulic domestication.

LISV 10-12, avenue de l’Europe - 78140 Vélizy - France
Mobile: +33 (6) 95 45 95 24  |  Phone:+33(1) 39 25 49 70  |  Fax: +33 (1) 39 25 49 85  |  |
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[robotics-worldwide] Possible permanent position at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis: assistance robotics

Jean-Pierre Merlet

INRIA is offering 3 permanent positions of young graduate scientists
  at Sophia-Antipolis. Although this is a competitive selection, the
COPRIN project-team is seeking one applicant in the field of assistance
robotics for frail people. You should have a PhD in robotics (or related
fields) and preferably have been through a post-doc. You may join a team
of about 12 people working in this field, with extensive test platforms
(5 parallel robots, a fully instrumented flat, access to an immersive
room) that are described at

with the guidelines describing our research at

We have also a strong collaboration with local and national hospitals.

Possible applicants should send their cv at [hidden email].
The deadline for submitting an application is February 18.
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