[jobs] Position for Researcher / Senior Researcher in Robotics, Computer Vision at Hitech Robotic Systemz, India

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[jobs] Position for Researcher / Senior Researcher in Robotics, Computer Vision at Hitech Robotic Systemz, India

Profile – Researcher / Senior Researcher


Are you interested in working on the cutting edge of technology? Are you interested in designing the systems of the future – unmanned cars, autonomous military vehicles, drones and other intelligent robots and systems? Are you interested in working on the best hardware and software that is out there, taking a crack at the same problems that have kept the top research instutions from around the globe engaged?

Currently a team of 30 highly skilled individuals, both Indian and foreign, form the core research team of HiTech Robotic Systemz, and we are looking to fill in a position for a researcher / senior researcher. The successful candidate will work on activities that cover the complete development life cycle for a range of internally funded R&D as well as customer oriented and specifically tailored robotics projects. The work will include:

   - The design and development of complete robotic systems for various applications, particularly suited for activities with little to no human supervision.

   - The design and development of Unmanned and Autonomous Military vehicles, both ground and aerial.

   - The design and development of software architecture for mobile robotic platforms, as well as algorithms for 3D perception, localization and mapping, navigation and computer vision.

   - The design and development of human robot interfaces.

The position is located in our offices in Gurgaon (India), and will involve some travel with short collocation periods for working with various customers.


Bachelor's / Master's / PhD degree in Robotics, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Aerospace Engineering or in another discipline relevant to the position and at least 1 year of relevant work experience in the field.

   - Proficiency in software programming (C++) and formal methods (UML, design patterns).
   - Hands-on experience with mobile robotics platforms and sensors.
   - Hands-on experience with the following: Qt, OpenCV, ROS, PCL, scene graphs.
   - Hands-on experience designing and implementing algorithms for at least one of: Kalman filters, SLAM, perception, path planning and tracking, control, computer vision.
   - Experience with the following is optional, but would be beneficial for the position: physics engines, JAUS, MIL vs industrial standards, realtime operating systems, embedded systems.


Please email your profiles to jayant.bansal@hitechroboticsystemz.com or visit our website at www.hitechroboticsystemz.com for more information