[meetings] Call for papers: IROS 2015 Workshop on Vision-based Control and Navigation of Small, Light-Weight UAVs

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[meetings] Call for papers: IROS 2015 Workshop on Vision-based Control and Navigation of Small, Light-Weight UAVs

Giuseppe Loianno
IROS 2015 Full-Day Workshop on


Website: http://www.seas.upenn.edu/~loiannog/workshopIROS2015uav/

IROS 2015 Workshop: October 2, 2015 in Hamburg (Germany), during the
IROS 2015 conference

------------------ DESCRIPTION ------------------
Autonomous micro Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAVs) start to play an
important role in tasks like search
and rescue, environment monitoring, security surveillance,
transportation and inspection. However, to deal with such operations,
GPS based navigation is not sufficient. Small scale size vehicles have
to fast and autonomously navigate in narrow outdoor and indoor
environments, in cities or other dense environments and able to actively
explore unknown areas while avoiding collisions and creating
maps. This involves a number of perception and control challenges that
still have to be solved. This workshop will address UAVs navigation
solutions in GPS denied environments and the algorithmic and software
design challenges that arise in the settings of small-scale, fast
navigation in three-dimensional environments.

This full-day workshop at IROS 2015 brings together researchers from
academia and industry in the
area of closed-loop control and navigation of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
working in indoor and outdoor GPS-denied environments, using passive
vision sensors as the main sensory modality. The convergence of the
consumer electronics industry and the robotics industry has opened up
opportunities and solutions that did not exist a few years ago. The
interest in this area of research is large and, as such, we expect to
have an heterogeneous audience in terms of  expertise and interests.
While most previous workshops have attempted to address the fundamental
problems of perception, control and communication for aerial vehicles,
this workshop will instead focus on the systems challenges for
small-scale, fast vehicles where the size, weight and payload
constraints only allow light-weight sensors like cameras, and the
operating conditions of high speeds require perception over longer
ranges and shorter time scales.

- Submission deadline of full-length paper (4-6 pages IROS style): July
24, 2015
- Notification of acceptance: August 15, 2015
- Submission of final version: August 31, 2015
- Workshop: October 2, 2015 Congress Center Hamburg

Every paper will be reviewed by at least two peers. The selection of
accepted papers will be done by the organizing committee, based on the
reviews. Contributions of highest quality will be selected for an oral
presentations, others will be granted a poster presentation.
We are currently exploring the possibility of a journal special issue
for the best papers in the workshop.

Dr. Giuseppe Loianno, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Davide Scaramuzza, University of Zurich
Dr. Vijay Kumar, University of Pennsylvania

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Giuseppe Loianno
Postdoctoral Researcher
University of Pennsylvania

Giuseppe Loianno