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[robotics-worldwide] CFP IROS Workshop on Visual Control of Mobile Robots (ViCoMoR)

Last Call for Papers

Call for papers for
IROS Workshop on Visual Control of Mobile Robots (ViCoMoR)
September 26th, 2011, San Francisco, California, in conjunction with the
IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)

Web: http://vicomor.unizar.es

Aims and Scope
Autonomous navigation of mobile robots is a complex problem that has
attracted the attention of the research community during the last
decades. Systems capable of performing efficient and robust autonomous
navigation are of interest in many robotic applications: automation
industry, material transportation, assistance to disabled people,
surveillance, etc. In order to perform navigation, the mobile robots
need to interact with the environment, and for this purpose different
types of sensors are nowadays available. From all of them, vision
systems stand out because they provide very rich information and because
of their versatility and low cost. The purpose of this workshop is to
discuss topics related to the challenging problems of visual control of
mobile robots.

Visual control refers to the capability of a robot to visually perceive
the environment and use this information for autonomous navigation. The
visual control is a multidisciplinary field of research that requires
the collaboration of computer vision and robotics control experts.
Nowadays, there is still a gap between computer vision and robotics
communities that prevents more profitable results from jointly research.
Thus, one of the goals of this workshop is to provide a forum for the
communication of new ideas between these communities. Moreover,
different fields of research can promote new methods, for example from
biological inspiration, or taking advantage of known methods applied in
different areas, such as robotic manipulation or UAV. We propose a
half-day workshop to enhance active collaboration of computer vision and
robotic researchers, discuss formal methods for visual control and
identify current trends of the field. Achievements, challenges and open
questions related with the visual control of mobile robots are welcome.

Topics of interest include:
-Autonomous navigation and visual servoing techniques for mobile robots.
-Visual perception for visual control, visual sensors and integration of
image information in the control loop.
-Visual control with constraints: nonholonomic constraints, motion in
formation, coordination, distributed visual control, obstacle avoidance,
motion planning, etc.
-New trends in visual control, innovative solutions or proposals in the
framework of computer vision and control theory.

Instructions for Authors
Submission of preliminary title and abstract is due before 20 May 2011.
Papers submissions are due on 10 June 2011. All submissions should be in
PDF format using the IROS template. Papers should be 4-6 pages in
length, optionally accompanied by a video. All submissions will be
reviewed for relevance to the topic of the workshop as well as
scientific merit. Submissions should be emailed to
[hidden email], [hidden email]

Invited speakers
Francois Chaumette (INRIA - IRISA, Rennes, France)
Nicholas R. Gans (The University of Texas at Dallas, USA)

Important Dates
15 June, 2011: Paper submissions (The call of papers is open to authors
that did not submit  preliminary title and abstract)
25 June, 2011 : Acceptance notification
1 July, 2011: Final submission of accepted papers
26 September, 2011: Workshop date

Youcef Mezouar
LASMEA - 24 avenue des landais, 63 177 Aubière Cedex, France
[hidden email]

Gonzalo Lopez-Nicolas
Instituto de Investigacion en Ingenieria de Aragon - Universidad de
Zaragoza, Spain
[hidden email]

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