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[robotics-worldwide] CfP: PJBR - Special Issue on Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics

Christine Azevedo Coste

“Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics” invites manuscripts for the Special Issue on Assistive and Rehabilitation Robotics . This topical issue is dedicated to the new advances in robotics and related technologies for rehabilitation and assistance and is aimed at presenting an overview of the trends in this field.

Assistive Robotics is a field of research referring to all types of mechatronic devices, systems and technologies designed to interact with people with physical disabilities and functional impairments. The aim of these devices can be to facilitate or to replace a deficient motor function (manipulation, walking, etc.) or to improve the recovery process through neuro-rehabilitation. In this way Assistive Robotics seeks to improve the quality of life and increase independence and community reintegration of individuals with reduced functional capabilities.

The scope of the topical issue includes but is not limited to:

• Assistive devices

• Mobility aids

• Manipulation aids

• Robot-assisted neuro-rehabilitation

• Functional electrical stimulation

• Actuated orthotic and prosthetic devices

• Exoskeletons

• Sip-and-puff devices

• Gesture recognition

• Voice command

• Vision-based interaction

• Socially assistive robotics

Manuscript Submission

The authors are kindly invited to register at our paper processing system at: www.editorialmanager.com/paladyn and submit their contribution using a special track established for this topical issue. All papers will go through the Paladyn's high standards, quick, fair and comprehensive peer-review procedure. The Coordinating Editor with the help of the Guest Editor will be responsible for the final paper selection.

Instructions for authors are available online at: www.versita.com/pjbr/authors/instructions .

In case on any questions please contact Coordinating Editor or Managing Editor.

Important Dates

Declaration of interest due: August 31, 2011 (preliminary title and author list)

Full paper submission due: October 31, 2011

Notification of acceptance: November 30, 2011

Revised version due: January 15, 2012

Publication: March, 2012

Additional information about the journal

“Paladyn. Journal of Behavioral Robotics” is a peer-reviewed, electronic-only journal that publishes original, high-quality research on topics broadly related to neuronally and psychologically inspired robots and other behaving autonomous systems. The journal focuses, in particular, on approaches to robotics that draw on analogies between autonomous robotics and embodied cognition, cognitive development, and the emergence of cognition and communication from social behavior. More information on our journal can be found at its homepage: www.versita.com/pjbr/ or at Springer: www.springer.com/computer/ai/journal/13230 . The published issues can be browsed at SpringerLink: www.springerlink.com/content/2080-9778/ .

Guest Editor

Herman van der Kooij

University of Twente, the Netherlands

[hidden email]

Coordinating Editor

Christine Azevedo Coste


[hidden email]

Managing Editor

Maciej Klemiato

Versita, Poland

[hidden email]
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