[robotics-worldwide] FW: [meetings] program at a glance: workshop on "Task-Informed Grasping" in IROS 18

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[robotics-worldwide] FW: [meetings] program at a glance: workshop on "Task-Informed Grasping" in IROS 18

Amir Ghalamzan
Dear Colleagues,
please join our workshop at IEEE/RAS IROS in Madrid on October 01, 2018!

FULL DAY Workshop on “Task-Informed Grasping (TIG) for rigid and deformable object manipulation”

The program at a glance:

Aude Billard

09:05 - 09:45

Modelling skilful bimanual manipulation in humans

Jeremy Wyatt

09:45 - 10:15

Data efficient grasp learning

Tamim Asfour

10:15 - 10:45

Progress in Humanoid Grasping and Manipulation in the Real World


10:45 - 11:00

Lightning talks of posters


11:00 -11:30

Coffee break


11:30 -12:40

Interactive poster session

Alberto Rodriguez

11:40 -12:10

A vision for tactile dexterity

Fanny Ficuciello

12:30 -12:55

Grasping and manipulation in surgical tasks

Maximo A. Roa

12:55 -13:30

The role of variable stiffness in grasping tasks




Oliver Brock

14:30 -15:05

The benefits of staying in Touch

Robert Platt

15:05 -15:35

Deictic abstractions for robotic manipulation

Sami Haddadin

15:35 -16:10

The Art of Manipulation: Learning to Manipulate Blindly

Edward Johns

16:10 -16:30

Deep Learning for Grasping via Simulation


16:30 -17:00

Coffee break

Dmitry Berenson

17:00 -17:30

What matters for deformable object manipulation


17:30 -18:30

Panel discussion

workshop webpage:


Dr. Amir Ghalamzan (University of Birmingham)
Farshid Alambeigi (Johns Hopkins University)
Sahba Aghajani (University of California, Los Angeles )
Dr. Renaud Detry (Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) - NASA)
Prof. Veronica J. Santos (University of California, Los Angeles )
Prof. Rustam Stolkin (University of Birmingham)
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