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[robotics-worldwide] IROS2011 Workshop Announcement

alessio turetta
Apologize for multiple posting.



IROS 2011 First Workshop on Autonomous Underwater Robotics for Intervention


The full-day workshop "**Autonomous Underwater Robotics for Intervention
" will be held  during the 2011****IEEE/RSJ International Conference
on******Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS)**in San Francisco,
California, USA on September, Sunday, 25, 2011






Research activities in Autonomous Underwater Robotics have been so far
mainly focused on vehicles performing exploration and observation
missions, with important applications in the fields of oceanographic
sciences, environmental monitoring and security.

Autonomous Underwater Intervention, involving grasping, manipulation and
transportation tasks, did not yet registered the same rate of growth and
has been experimented just within some pioneering research projects.

It is however deemed that the interest of the international community on
autonomous intervention systems is currently registering a significant
growth. The recent dramatic accident of the Gulf of Mexico has just
contributed to evidence the importance of working on the realization of
smart underwater robots executing intervention tasks in a totally
autonomous way.

Performing underwater operations like maintenance, repairing, rescue and
items recovery, without the human supervision is certainly not an easy
task. However today the field of Underwater Intervention could benefit
from several technologies developed for exploration and monitoring
missions. Results registered in fundamental topics like underwater
localization, acoustic communications, optical and acoustic imagery,
guidance navigation and control, mission planning and mapping seem to be
ready for being efficiently integrated with the achievements in the
field of manipulation tasks, and more generally intervention activities.

Moving from the above considerations, the workshop has three objectives:
i) evidencing and possibly classifying the current and future needs of
underwater intervention applications; ii) evaluating the existing
enabling technologies, their current status of development, and their
potential improvements for being tailored to the specific application
field; iii) having a better look at the market opportunities that
autonomous underwater intervention could open in a mid-term time horizon.

As a final goal, the workshop aims to strengthen and extend the
underwater community, by stimulating also the interest of others
researchers, not working in the field, toward an area that certainly
provides significant research challenges.



Giuseppe Casalino        University of Genova, Italy
Giacomo Marani           WVU-NASA Robotic Cente, USA
Pere Ridao                   University of Girona, Spain
David Lane                   Heriot Watt University, UK
Pedro J. Sanz              Jaume Primero University
Alain Maguer               NATO Underwater Research Center, Italy
Pierre Drap                  Université de la Méditerranée, France
Giuseppe Conte           Università delle Marche, Italy
Hyun-Taek Choi           Korean Ocean R&D Institute; Korea
Gaurav S. Sukhatme    University of South California; USA
Yvan Petillot                Heriot Watt University, UK
Andreas Birk               Jacobs University, Germany
Alessio Turetta            Graal Tech s.r.l., Italy



Please note that there are still a few slots available

People interested in giving a speech of the may contact Alessio Turetta
([hidden email] <mailto:[hidden email]>)

The dead line for additional speakers is June 15-th

Alessio Turetta, Ph.D.
Graal Tech S.r.l.
Via Ruffini 9R
16128 - Genova - ITALY

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