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[robotics-worldwide] [Jobs] Mechanical engineering marine robotics position at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Carl Kaiser
Dear Robotics World Wide Community,

Looking for a little more adventure and challenge in your career?  How
about designing equipment to work while submerged at 10,000 psi or
fixing your mistakes in the dark on a moving ship north of the Arctic
Circle?  Want to work on cutting edge underwater robots for both
scientific and military applications?  The Autonomous Vehicles Group in
the Deep Submergence Lab at Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution is a
world leader in autonomous underwater vehicle (AUV) technology.  Not
only do we design and build some of the most unique and advanced
vehicles in the world, but we take everything we build into the field
and test it in the crucible of the ocean.  Successful candidates will
have a mix of design, build, and field work with worldwide travel
potential, significant challenge, and generous annual and cruise leave
policies offering a true work-hard/play-hard opportunity.  We are
looking for not only a jack of all trades, but also a master of some who
can make unique contributions within the group.

Apply at:


Candidates will work on a combination of DoD technology development
project, scientific development projects and the AUV Sentry.  Sentry is
an operationally deployed AUV that spends 100 - 200 days per year at sea
gathering data for ocean scientists and testing new technology. Members
of this team all spend time both in the office/lab and in the field.
Field operations range from test missions to science, exploration, or
disaster response.  Previous missions have included oil spill response,
locating black boxes, studying sub-sea volcanoes, and looking for mantle
rocks to name just a few.  In between deployments, you will be working
in the Deep Submergence Lab at Woods Hole developing new autonomous
underwater vehicles, new diver equipment, and other undersea instruments
and technologies.  Past project sponsors include NSF, NOAA, Office of
Naval Research, DARPA, NASA, NTSB, foreign governments, philanthropic
organizations, and corporations.

Engineers within the group are expected to routinely deploy with the
systems that they work on.  This entails both testing deployments where
new technology is refined and validated, but also operational
deployments where the systems developed are utilized in direct support
of a science mission.  These deployments are worldwide, often offshore
and typically range between 7 and 60 days.  Candidates are expected to
be willing to deploy for up to 120 days per year especially early in
their tenure at WHOI.  Candidates must be comfortable balancing multiple
projects and priorities with limited supervision.


Specific tasks include but are certainly not limited to:

       Design and/or redesign both major and minor sections of
underwater vehicles including both shallow and deep projects.  This
includes mechanical design as well as structural engineering.  Systems
may include pressure housings, mechanisms, frames, chassis, lift points,
and actuators.
       Keep track system level tradeoffs including buoyancy budgets,
weight budgets, and depending on the candidate perhaps fiscal budgets
and schedules for specific subsystems.
       At sea coordinate and carry out rigging, maintenance, and
mechanical operations of various vehicle systems.
       Work in close collaboration with software and electrical
engineers to develop highly integrated and novel systems.
       Cross train in the hands on aspects of many different roles in
order to maximize flexibility on deployments.

Medium-term career potential includes:

       The potential to collaborate with more senior staff to propose
your own ideas to funding agencies
       The potential to manage small to medium projects

A significant commitment to success of the program and the mission will
be required particularly while at sea.  This is a group that is known
for going to extreme measures to make a cruise succeed even in the face
of significant setbacks and any long term part of the group will need to
have the same attitude.  Candidates must be highly creative when it's
time to be creative but must be able to become highly focused and
effective as deadlines approach.  The ship will sail whether the vehicle
is ready or not.

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