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[robotics-worldwide] [Journals] Actuators Special Issue on New Materials and Designs for Soft Actuators (Dr. Aslan Miriyev, Columbia University)

Aslan Miriyev
Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to submit your research to the Special Issue of the Actuators
Journal on New Materials and Designs for Soft Actuators.

Link to the Special Issue:

The current Special Issue of *Actuators* provides insight into the latest
scientific advances in the development and manufacturing of new materials
for soft actuators, and their designs, aimed at improving soft actuation

The following topics are of particular interest:


   - Stimuli-responsive elastomer composites
   - Multifunctional material systems for soft actuation and
   - Materials with functionally-graded compliance
   - Electrically-driven soft actuators
   - Soft-material robots
   - Soft-hard actuators
   - Soft actuator-sensor material systems
   - Liquid metal alloys for soft actuation, sensing and actuation control
   - Fabric-involving actuation (including wearables)

Related fabrication and processing methods:

   - 3D- and 4D-printing techniques
   - Single-step fabrication of actuator-sensor systems
   - Micro- and nano-fabrication
   - Microfluidics

Design and manufacturing:

   - Performance-leveraging soft actuator design
   - “Bolts-and-nuts-free” soft actuator design and manufacturing
   - Bio-inspired soft actuator design
   - Soft artificial muscles
   - Origami-based design and manufacturing
   - Smart folding design and manufacturing
   - Fabric-involving actuator design and manufacturing

I welcome you to submit your research manuscripts to this Special Issue.

Dr. Aslan Miriyev
*Guest Editor*
*Aslan Miriyev, Ph.D*
Creative Machines Lab
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Columbia University in the NYC
500W. 120th St., Mudd 220
New York, NY 10027 USA
Web: www.aslanmiriyev.com
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