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[robotics-worldwide] [Journals] CFP: Sensors - Special Issue on "Robotics in Healthcare: Automation, Sensing and Application"

Changsheng Li
Dear Robotics Community,

Our Special Issue "Robotics in Healthcare: Automation, Sensing and
Application" is currently accepting article submissions until April 30,
For more information please visit

<https://urldefense.com/v3/__https://www.mdpi.com/journal/sensors/special_issues/RHASA__;!!LIr3w8kk_Xxm!6zg15XhO-cm-Uidu7r_KuSj5IJpMZMNagIrDPXONt3Kcb50YN0q3PsPFeYooEiWmErYObE_g$ >  

Global healthcare systems must deal with challenges related to population
aging, the rise of the prevalence of chronic diseases, and the logical
desire and need of patients for more personalized medicine and closer care.
This situation puts pressure on the system and compromises sustainability
due to budget constraints, and available resources are not enough to cover
increasing demand.
The introduction of innovative technology, new service models, and
digitalization is needed to ensure the adequate, sustainable, and efficient
adaptation of our healthcare systems for them to be able to respond to
actual and future health needs from a more demanding population.
Robotics combined with sensors, smart communication, artificial
intelligence, and easy-to-use medical interfaces are promising solutions to
overcome problems in many healthcare areas, such as care planning, procedure
performance, diagnostics, infection control, medication management, and the
improvement of patient experience or monitoring.
These technologies have the potential to dramatically transform the current
concept of a healthcare system. Homes, schools, jobs, gyms, and any other
environment can be part of the health system for those patients that could
be remotely followed, outside of hospitals or clinics.
The deployment and integration of these technologies into digital healthcare
systems, their logistics, and management procedures address a wide range of
healthcare applications, for example, in patient care, prevention,
diagnosis, or treatment surveillance. Regulations related to medical-device,
ethical, data-protection, and cybersecurity issues are also key in the
success of this novel concept.
In this Special Issue, possible contributions may include realistic
clinical/medical applications of robots combined with sensors and other
technologies (hardware and software) to transform current healthcare models
and enhance personalized medicine.
Furthermore, contributions should demonstrate how the combination of digital
and physical services or systems arises as a care solution for hospitals,
clinics, primary care centers, rehabilitation centers, care homes, etc.
Novel contributions around the automation of any medical procedure including
robots or sensor networks, data processing and analysis, and
staff/patient–machine interfaces are welcome.

Prof. Dr. Cecilia Garcia
Prof. Dr. Changsheng Li
Guest Editors

• medical robots
• autonomous medical sensors
• intelligence systems
• aging and chronic diseases

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