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[robotics-worldwide] Last CF Participation IEEE RAS Summer School on "Robot Vision and Applications"

Javier Ruiz-del-Solar
(Please distribute this call for participation among colleagues,  
students, friends and people interested on robotics)
(Deadline for registration: Nov. 29th, 2012)
Last Call for Participation

The IEEE RAS Summer School on "Robot Vision and Applications" will be  
held on December 3-7, 2012 at the School of Engineering of the  
Universidad de Chile, in Santiago, Chile. The summer school is co-
funded by the recently created IEEE RAS Summer School Program, and it  
is technically sponsored by the IEEE RAS Technical Committee on  
Computer & Robot Vision and the IEEE RAS Education Committee. The  
official language of the summer school is English, and it will include  
tutorial courses, keynote lectures, a student poster competition, and  
live demonstrations (autonomous vehicle, robot soccer, domestic  
robots, quad-copters).

Summer school website: http://www.amtc.cl/summerschool/
Summer school program: http://amtc.uchile.cl/summerschool/program.php

The technical program includes:

- 5 tutorial courses: "Visual Servoing" (Francois Chaumette, INRIA),  
"Robotics and Machine Vision using MATLAB" (Peter Corke, QUT), "Real-
Time Visual SLAM" (Andrew Davison, Imperial College), "Open Source 3D  
Processing with the Point Cloud Library" (Radu Rusu, Open Perception),  
"Strategies for Efficient Object Detection" (Rodrigo Verschae, UCH).

- 7 plenary talks:  "Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping  
(SLAM) with Multiple Robots" (Keith Leung, UCH), "Analysis of Multiple  
Views in Computer Vision" (Domingo Mery, PUC), "Visual recognition  
using machine learning" (Alvaro Soto, PUC), "Sensing and Computer  
Vision Techniques for Driver Assistance and Autonomous  
Vehicles" (Miguel Torres, PUC), "Rigid body landmarks for  
SLAM" (Patricio Loncomilla, UCH), "Active Vision" (Pablo Guerrero, UCH).

- a student poster competition with participanta from Argentine,  
Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Equator, Italy, Mexico, Russia,  
Slovakia, Switzerland, Uruguay and USA.

- live demonstrations of four different robotic projects: a humanoid  
service robot, a soccer team of two-legged robots (NAO), an autonomous  
vehicle, and a hexacopter.

Best regards,


General Chair
IEEE RAS Summer School on "Robot Vision and Applications"

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