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[robotics-worldwide] Open PhD position at Technische Universitaet Muenchen - Germany

Angelika Peer-2
The Institute of Automatic Control Engineering, Technische Universtät
München, is seeking for a

   Research Assistant/wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter with opportunity
for dissertation

in the field of MR-compatible visuo-haptic stimulation systems.

The successful candidate will participate in a national research project
funded by the German Research Foundation (DFG) . The research project
aims at designing visuo-haptic stimulation systems for MR environments
to investigate reaching and grasping movements and will be performed in
close collaboration with the Max-Planck Institute in Tübingen.

For this project, we are seeking motivated and talented young
researchers with strong disciplinary background and a strong interest to
work in an interdisciplinary environment. Good knowledge in robotics,
mechanical design and control as well as advanced programming skills
(C/C++, Matlab, Simulink etc.) are an asset.

The positions are fully paid according to German rules (13 TV-L).
Requirements are a successful degree (master/diploma) with excellent
records. Please send your application including your complete CV,
relevant certificates, and some of your publications by Email to
[hidden email]  with the Keyword "PosMRHaptic". We will accept
applications till *January 20th*. TUM is especially encouraging
minorities and women to apply, because of its strong commitment to
diversity in engineering education, research, and practice.

Dr.-Ing. Angelika Peer
Senior Research Scientist, Lecturer
TUM-IAS Carl von Linde Junior Fellow
Institute of Automatic Control Engineering (LSR)
Technische Universitaet Muenchen
Theresienstrasse 90
D-80333 Munich, Germany
phone +49-89-289-23412, fax +49-89-289-28340
mailto: [hidden email]

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