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[robotics-worldwide] Postdoc Positions at Yale University, Mechanical Engineering

Aaron Dollar
I am seeking applicants for Postdoctoral Researchers for a number of
possible projects in support of current work in the lab: active structures
and materials, robotic grasping and manipulation, aerial manipulation, and
biomechanics of human manipulation. More information about recent work can
be found at: http://www.eng.yale.edu/grablab/


The specific nature of the work will vary depending on the interests and
background of the applicant, but substantial hardware and experimental
experience is preferred. Successful candidates will typically have a
background in Mechanical Engineering, but quality of the applicant is more
important than specific background. Excellent written and spoken English
skills are essential.


I am deeply committed to a strong mentoring relationship with my lab group
and creating a fun, exciting, and productive work environment. In addition
to technical areas associated with the research project, successful
applicants can expect to gain experience in grant writing, student
supervision, and project management, as well as develop strong ties to the
academic and industrial robotics community in the Northeast US. Within Yale,
our lab has close interaction with the research group of Prof. John Morrell,
a lead developer of the Segway Human Transporter whose research centers on
Human-Machine Interaction.


Interested applicants should send a CV describing their background, skill
set and career goals, along with three references and any other relevant
information to Prof. Aaron Dollar ([hidden email]).




Aaron M. Dollar

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science

Yale University

office:  <tel:%28203%29%20436-9122> (203) 436-9122

 <mailto:[hidden email]> [hidden email]

 <http://www.eng.yale.edu/grablab/> http://www.eng.yale.edu/grablab/


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