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Gregory Chirikjian


  Below please find the contents of Robotica 29(5) September 2011.


Greg Chirikjian
Editor, Robotica
Professor, Mechanical Engineering
Johns Hopkins University

Volume 29 Part 5 September 2011

Simulation of rigid-body impact using the articulated-body algorithm,
André Carvalho and Afzal Sulema                                                                                            649

Stable running of a planar underactuated biped robot, Yong Hu, Gangfeng Yan
and Zhiyun Lin                                                                                                                                    657

A humanoid robot capable of carrying heavy objects, Hyeung-Sik Choi,
Wonhyun Na and Dongwan Kang                                                                                             667

Architecture optimization of 4PUS+1PS parallel manipulator,
G. Abbasnejad, H. M. Daniali and A. Fathi                                                                          683

ODE-based obstacle avoidance and trajectory planning for unmanned surface
vessels, Reza A. Soltan, Hashem Ashrafiuon and Kenneth R. Muske                       691

Rotational Stability Index (RSI) point: postural stability in planar bipeds,
Goswami Dip and Vadakkepat Prahlad                                                                                705

Sagittal stability PD controllers for a biped robot using a neurofuzzy network
and an SVR, João P. Ferreira, Manuel Crisóstomo and A. Paulo Coimbra             717

Design and operation of a tripod walking robot via dynamics simulation,
Conghui Liang, Hao Gu, Marco Ceccarelli and Giuseppe Carbone                        733

Trajectory planning for a 1-DOF clutched robotic arm, Hao Gu
and Marco Ceccarelli                                                                                                                    745

Localization of a high-speed mobile robot using global features, Seungkeun Cho
and Jangmyung Lee                                                                                                                     757

Safe physical human–robot interaction of mobility assistance robots: evaluation
index and control, Aslam Pervez and Jeha Ryu                                                                   767

The elastic contact influences on passive walking gaits, Feng Qi, Tianshu Wang
and Junfeng Li                                                                                                                                787

Trajectory planning for flexible Cartesian robot manipulator by using artificial
neural network: numerical simulation and experimental verification, Akira Abe                 797
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