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Graham Deacon
*Research Engineer/Developer role available at Ocado Technology, Hatfield,

*Job purpose*

To work on the research, design and development of novel sensor-guided
robotic systems in order to demonstrate the ability of such technology to
further enhancing the already highly automated Ocado product delivery

Ocado Technology is responsible for the design and development of almost all
the software that runs our business. The robotics research team is working
on pre-production systems using recent research results and state of the art

  *Roles and responsibilities *


   Participate effectively in investigating and implementing sensor-guided
   robotics solutions to specific automation problems that have been identified
   as key to improving Ocado competitiveness and efficiency.

   Take an active role in the choice of technologies and techniques used in
   the delivery of robotics application demonstrators.

   Perform mathematical modelling and algorithm development to achieve
   real-time sensor-guided robot motions.

   Develop software that implements novel and sophisticated solutions to
   specific robotic applications.

   Documentation of theoretical developments and their software

   Demonstrate working pre-production systems and thoroughly test them to
   establish their operational limits.

   Liase with production engineering for the purpose of aiding the adoption
   of newly developed solutions.




      An excellent first degree in Computer Science or Joint Maths &
      Computing from a good university.



      Computer Science or Software Engineering postgraduate qualifications
      from a recognised course.

      A PhD in a relevant area or demonstrable track record of the ability
      to perform novel work in a cutting edge environment on
challenging projects.


*Job-specific skill-set*

Candidates are sought with strong 3D mathematical skills and experience of
using them in the development of software in two or more of the following


   3D computer vision, particularly with point cloud sources such as
   time-of-flight cameras and structured lighting devices

   image mosaicing/stitching/registration

   structure from motion/3D reconstruction

   simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM)

   image-guided/computer-assisted surgery

   meshing algorithms

   geometric modelling

   spatial occupancy and collision detection/avoidance

   robot motion planning

   sensor guided robot motions, particularly vision guidance.

In addition, demonstrable experience and an understanding of the
underpinning techniques (where applicable) of a number of the following is


   *Primary Development Language*

      C/C++ (using the GCC toolchain and Qt4)

   *Other Languages*

      GNU Octave or MATLAB

      Unix shell scripting



      Point Cloud Library


      OpenMesh or MeshLab

      GNU Scientific Library

      Numerical Recipes

      Computational Geometry Algorithms Library

   *Documentation tools*



   *Development tools*

      IDE: Qt Creator

      Version Control: Mercurial

   *Operating system*

      Linux (Ubuntu)

Experience with programming an industrial robot arm would be beneficial, but
not essential providing strong programming skills in other areas can be

Other software development skills of interest are those applicable to
real-time systems and multi-tasking/multi-threading.

*Further details*

See: http://www.ocado.com/careers/vacancy.do?sv=563

Informal enquiries and further details can be obtained from Dr Graham Deacon
at [hidden email].


Applicants, who should be eligible to work in the UK, should send a covering
letter and CV to [hidden email].

Dr Graham Deacon
Robotics Research Team Leader,
Ocado Technology

Switchboard:+44 (0)1707 228000
Direct: +44 (0)1707 228553
Mobile: +44 (0)7887 574032
Fax: +44 (0)1707 227999


Ocado Ltd, Ground Floor, Titan Court, 3 Bishop Square, Hatfield Business
Park, Hatfield, Herts, AL10 9NE. UK

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