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[robotics-worldwide] SECOND EDITION of Master's in Robotics and Intelligent Systems

Bruno Siciliano
Dear Roboticists around the World,

after the success of the first edition, we are glad to announce the
launch of the SECOND EDITION of the Master's Course in Robotics and
Intelligent Systems at University of Naples Federico II for the
academic year 2011/2012.

Be aware of the matter that despite the name *Master's*, this is a
one-year post-graduate degree after the "Laurea Magistrale" (Italian
equivalent of M.Sc.). The objectives and organization of the course
and all other details can be found on the website at
A brief description of the goal of the programme is attached below.

The call for admission will be available in October. However,
pre-enrollment is already open
and is warmly encouraged!
Prospective students are also invited to apply for a nice and
inexpensive full-board college accommodation by 30th September 2011,
even before the formal enrollment to the programme. Additional
details are available at

For further information, please refer to Ms. Daniela Passariello
<<mailto:[hidden email]>[hidden email]> who is in charge of
the Master's Secretariat.

All the best for the rest of the summer!

Bruno Siciliano
Master RIS Coordinator

The Master's Degree in Robotics and Intelligent Systems (RIS) is
targeted at graduates in scientific fields. It aims to train
professionals who will be able to design, integrate, plan and manage
robotic devices and intelligent systems.

During the course, participants will deepen their knowledge of
engineering methodologies and technologies in controls, computers,
electronics and mechanics. They will also acquire knowledge about
logics, cybernetics, artificial intelligence and cognitive science
within a truly interdisciplinary framework.

The Master's graduates will aspire to cover professional roles both
in companies dealing with robotics and automation, and in all areas
such as medicine and health, safety and security, transportation,
entertainment and home applications, where innovation is pursued
through the introduction and integration of robots and intelligent systems.

The Master's will be taught entirely in English, with the aim of
providing graduates with an authentic training for global oriented
job placement, while attracting students from European and
non-European countries.

The main goals of the Master's are:
    * to disseminate the science of robotics and intelligent systems,
through the assessment and transfer of technologies and multiple disciplines;
    * to provide a high-quality, prestigious and attractive training
programme for foreign students;
    * to create a pool of resources for developing new ideas in a
high-tech and innovative field;
    * to offer sponsoring companies an opportunity to recruit
high-potential human resources with specific skills in the area of
robotics and intelligent systems;
    * to offer the Master's graduates an opportunity to network with
company management as well as with the main stakeholders in industry
and research.

prof bruno siciliano
ASME fellow, IEEE fellow, IFAC fellow
PRISMA lab, dipartimento di informatica e sistemistica
universita' di napoli federico II
via claudio 21, 80125 napoli, italy
tel +39 081 7683179
mob +39 368605665
fax +39 062 33226128
email [hidden email]
skype bsiciliano

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