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[robotics-worldwide] SKILLS Summer School 2011 - Call for Participation

Emanuele Ruffaldi

Apologies for cross posting.


Organizers: Prof. Massimo Bergamasco (Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna) Benoît
Bardy (Université Montpellier 1) Teresa Gutierrez and Ana Rosa Carrillo
(Fundación Tecnalia)

Date and Place: Castle of Gargonza (Arezzo, Italy) from 25th July 2011
to 30th July 2011

Funded by EC FP6 SKILLS Integrated Project

The SKILLS Project ("Multimodal Interfaces for capturing and transfer of
skill ") is funded under the 6th EC Framework Programme and is aimed at
exploiting Virtual Environments and robotics technologies for capturing,
storing and rendering human skills in different application domains
(Sport & Entertainment, Surgery and Rehabilitation, Industrial
Maintenance and Robot Programming). See http://www.skills-ip.eu/  for
more info.
Several research topics in the field of motor learning, skill analysis
and skill representation have been addressed in the SKILLS Project. A
novel approach to the digital representation of skill has been developed
and applied to specific case-studies implemented in nine physical
demonstrators. Training protocols based on VE and haptics systems have
been defined and evaluated on the demonstrators. The assessment of the
transfer of skill in the different domains by the exploitation of VE
technologies has been evaluated.
The knowledge acquired in the framework of the SKILLS Project can now be
disseminated to a larger research audience than the internal SKILLS
research community. The SKILLS Summer School 2011 "Skill learning and
Virtual Environments" represents a first event for spreading the
research results to young researchers and stimulating scientific debate
on state-of-the-art topics on skill learning from a pure scientific


The attendance to the SKILLS Summer School is open to application for
European and worldwide PhD students working in the fields of research
related to skill learning.  PhD students interested in attendance should
provide a CV and a description of their research project in the form of
an abstract to be later extended as a poster that will be presented
during the Summer School.
Submissions of applications should be made online through the Summer
School website


30th May 2011 - Deadline for Application Submission
20th June 2011 - Notification
25th July 2011 - Summer School Starts
30th July 2011 - Summer School Ends

More information can be found at http://www.skills-ip.eu/summerschool2011
For any inquiry, please contact the SKILLS Management Team at
[hidden email]

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