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[robotics-worldwide] Scientific engineer position available

Scientific engineer position available at Hiroshi Ishiguro Lab, ATR

Hiroshi Ishiguro Laboratory, ATR (Kyoto, Japan;
http://www.geminoid.jp/) is seeking to appoint international
outstanding scientific engineers who will have a key role in the
development of new teleoperated robot systems. Our laboratory is
unique in the world in its strong focus on teleoperated android robots
such as Geminoids, Telenoids and Elfoids and their applications in
real-world usages including elderly care, remote learning and android

We are seeking applications from engineers who wish to have
experiences in projects for state-of-art robots and androids as a
scientific engineer or an engineer of both software and hardware.

Candidates with specific expertise in the following domains are
particularly welcome:
- Hardware/Software construction of humanoid robots
- Teleoperation
- Computer vision
- Spoken language processing

The successful candidate will be offered an initial one year contract
with a highly competitive salary commensurate with qualifications and
experience. Extensions will be expected up to four years until the end
of the project based on the evaluation during the first year.  Further
employment will be considered based on the evaluation during the

The positions is open for immediate starting. To apply, please send
your CV outlining experience and qualifications in electric forms to:
Shuichi Nishio ([hidden email]).
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