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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Agility Robotics: Building robots to walk around in a human world

Jonathan Hurst-2

Agility Robotics is building robots that will go where people go, walk and
run indoors and out, open doors and get up after a fall, and work with
humans in human environments. To achieve this goal, we are growing and
hiring the best and brightest, building an incredible company where people
are excited to come to work every day with such a team.

We specifically seek:

- People who know how to control dynamic multi-DOF robots
- Experts in robot mechanical design
- Perception experts with diverse experience (jack-of-all-perception)
- An experienced engineering project manager
- A Robotics-focused electrical engineer

And more. Take a look:


Dr. Jonathan Hurst
Chief Technology Officer
Agility Robotics
541-738-8888 x7002
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