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Alireza Rastegarpanah
*Supervisor:* Professor Rustam Stolkin, Dr Alireza Rastegarpanah
*Start Date:* ASAP

*Location of work:* Extreme Robotics Lab, University of Birmingham,
Birmingham, UK

We have an outstanding opportunity for an embedded system engineer to work
in an advanced robotic lab. In this position you will fill a critical role
within the multi-skilled and highly motivated robotics and automated systems
research lab. In collaboration with research scientists and engineers, you
will carry out highly rewarding work, and contribute to world leading
research and robotics systems.

*About the Extreme Robotics Lab*

The University of Birmingham Extreme Robotics Lab, is one of the leading
university robotics labs in Europe dedicated to practical applications of
robotics and AI to extreme environments. The engineer is sought to create
and contribute to the creation of knowledge by undertaking a specified range
of activities, using expertise in embedded systems, robotic manipulation,
control and automation to work with a team to develop integrated robotic
systems for practical applications, driven by major industrial and societal

The UoB robotics team are collectively working on embedded systems, robotic
grasping and manipulation; planning and reasoning for fixed and/or mobile
manipulators; robot dynamics and control, machine learning and AI. The
engineer should demonstrate strong expertise in at least one of these areas.
In particular we are looking for interns with expertise in embedded systems.

ERL members benefit from gaining work experience in engaging in real
industrial challenges. They are given the opportunity to develop their
skills and apply their knowledge on industrial applications. Their
involvement at the forefront of robotic technology gives them a competitive
advantage in the job market.

*Job summary*

The engineer will work on under supervision of a senior researcher and he
will assists the team with designing and fabricating the required tools for
robots to accomplish various tasks. In addition, the engineer will mainly
focus on developing an smart clothes and wearable technologies which can
monitor the health condition of a user (e.g., patient, soldier, operator
working in a hazardous environment, etc). The health condition of the user
will be monitored using multi sensors embedded in the clothes and
communicates to a microcontroller to transmit data to an Android/iOS

After reviewing his progress in completing the task, he will assist ERL team
with developing robotic techniques for dismantling the electrical vehicles
battery packs (RELIB project). He will mainly focus on the development of
various control algorithm required for the application. He will work with
his supervisor to publish his developments in scientific journals and

Length of contract depends on the experience and skills of the applicant.

Your primary responsibilities include:*

- Developing an android application to communicate with I/O devices
Adapting and integrating proprietary and open source software packages and

- Participating in the software process: design, code reviews, etc.

- Building new tools for software communication, logging, and data analysis

- Developing, documenting, and directing software system testing,
troubleshooting, and verification procedures

- Integrate custom and COTS hardware components: sensors, controllers,
networking, etc.

- Development in both Windows and Linux environment


- BSc, MSc, PhD in Electronics, Mechatronics, Robotics, Computer Science,
Mechanics or equivalent experience (Any more is a bonus)

- Experience with or passion in one or more of the following technical
embedded systems, real time systems, sensors, algorithms, Python, Java,
C/C++, UI design, machine learning, IoT, cloud technologies,
hardware/software integration.

- Experience with or desire to build prototypes using platforms such as
Raspberry Pi, Arduino, or other hardware equivalent.

- experience programming on Android applications.

- Working knowledge of various sensor technologies and their connectivity to

- Excellent design skills in Solidworks

- Ability to use off-the-shelf microprocessors to rapidly prototype and
perform initial proofs of concept

- Experience in developing Android mobile applications

- Proficient in Communications such as Bluetooth, Socket Server and Rest

- Good understanding of C and JAVA programming, especially relating to
microcontroller peripherals and related development tools and processes.

- Use laboratory equipment such as oscilloscopes, power supplies, e-loads
and data acquisition systems.

- Excellent time management skills

- Good written and oral communication skills

- Creativity and imagination for product solutions

- Excellent problem-solving skills and a hands-on attitude.

- Candidate should possess strong personal discipline, history of exhibiting
initiative and creativity, strong analytical skills, and effective
problem-solving ability.

- Ability to participate in a cross-functional team

- High level of familiarity of various communication protocols

- An understanding of linear algebra

- Excellent debugging and bug fixing skills

We especially want to hear from you if you have experience or qualifications
in ANY of the following areas:

- Embedded systems or real time applications
- 3-5 years combined graduate academic and professional software development
- Robotic frameworks and real time middlewares

*Opportunities people at ERL have seized:*

Financial support to send you to the conferences to present your work
As a member of ERL, you have the opportunity to take control of your career.
People in similar roles have

- shaped their careers to suit their interests and their needs.

- Becoming an in-depth expert in embedded systems and robotics

- Leading projects and fostering client relationships

- Receiving mentoring from senior engineers and robotics experts

- Mentoring junior engineers

- Transitioned into a robotics, program management, technical lead, or
software architecture roles

- Performing consulting during off time

*Apply for a Research Engineer at ERL*

If you wish to apply for this position, please send an email to Dr Alireza
Rastegarpanah ([hidden email]) with the following information in
PDF format:

A cover letter with your research interests. Please keep to 1 page.
A full Curriculum Vitae (CV).

Dr. Alireza Rastegarpanah, Ph.D., MEng, MIEEE

Faraday Institution Robotic Scientist

Faraday Institution
United Kingdom

Mobile: +44 (0)7429224991
e-mail: [hidden email]
W: www.relib.org.uk

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Faraday Institution Robotic Scientist

Faraday Institution
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e-mail: a.rastegarpanah@bham.ac.uk
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