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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Fully-funded PhD Positions in Robotics and Controls at Virginia Tech

Kaveh Akbari Hamed
*Position Description:*

There are *multiple and fully-funded GRA positions* available in the *Hybrid
Dynamic Systems and Robot Locomotion Lab*
the Mechanical Engineering Department
 at Virginia Tech
We are looking for motivated and talented graduate students from all over
the world, who wish to undertake *Ph.D. research* at the cutting edge of
robotics and controls (*multi-year* GRA positions with start in Spring 2020
or Fall 2020). The Ph.D. students in these positions will develop
intelligent, robust, and nonlinear control algorithms for agile locomotion
of legged robots in real-world environments. The theoretical results will
be experimentally evaluated on already existing and advanced legged machines in
the lab.

*Desired Skills:*

The desired candidates hold a BS or MS degree in Engineering (preferably
ME, ECE, AE), Computer Science, or related fields. The candidates for this
position should have a strong background in programming, controls,
robotics, and optimization. In particular, we would like to encourage
candidates who have at least four of the following skills to apply.

·         Strong programming skills in C/C++, MATLAB, and ROS

·         Experience with the real-time implementation of control
algorithms on hardware

·         Strong background in controls (state-space approaches, e.g.,
nonlinear control)

·         Experience with optimization techniques (e.g., LP, QP, or NLP)

·         Strong background in robotics (dynamic modeling and numerical

·         Strong background in machine learning techniques and computer

*How to apply?*

If interested in these positions, please kindly e-mail Dr. Akbari Hamed at
[hidden email] with the subject line “*PhD Positions in Legged
Locomotion*” and attach a *cover letter* together with a *resume/CV*.
Incomplete applications will not be considered.

*About the Lab:*

Hybrid Dynamic Systems and Robot Locomotion (HDSRL) Laboratory
located in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Virginia Tech and
led by Dr. Kaveh Akbari Hamed
Our primary academic interests span control theory, robotics,
cyber-physical systems, hybrid dynamical systems, and optimization. Our
research goal is to establish a firm foundation to create innovative
algorithms to systematically design resilient controllers for a wide range
of dynamical systems with nonlinear and hybrid nature. These systems
include, but are not limited to, (1) autonomous robots for disaster
response and industrial applications, (2) cooperative multiagent systems
with decentralized control policies, (3) walking and running robots with
human/animal morphology, (4) complex systems, and (5) wearable robots like
prostheses and orthoses to improve the quality of life for persons with
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