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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] (Japan) R&D Engineer in 3D Vision, Intelligent Robot Control, Machine Learning, Cloud and Network Programming

Edmond So
3D MEDiA Co. Ltd, founded in 2000 as a spin-off from Ritsumeikan
University, specializes in 3D vision and intelligent robotics. As a leading
company in the field of intelligent picking robots, we succeeded in
commercializing the world’s first 3D robot vision sensor that can recognize
arbitrary 3D shapes, and we currently hold the largest market share in
Japan for 3D robot vision sensors. Our robotic systems are used to replace
human labor in factories and warehouses by performing simple picking tasks.

We have received a number of awards for our pioneering work in the field of
industrial robotics, including the 5th Robot Award in 2012, the 13th METI
Minister Award for distinguished service in collaboration among industry,
academia and government in 2015, and the Japan Venture Award in 2017.

The company is seeking engineers in 3D measurement and object recognition,
intelligent motion planning and control, machine learning, and cloud and
network programming.

The robotics engineer is expected to develop advanced intelligent picking
robots based on 3D vision and motion control. Required qualifications
include a background in mechanical, electrical or controls engineering, an
understanding of robot kinematics and dynamics, and programming skills. It
is highly valued if the candidate has experience with ROS, real-time OSes,
or is handy with machine tools and electronic circuits.

The IT engineer will be involved with developing a networked software
system that maximizes our intelligent robots’ capabilities in factories and
warehouses by collecting data from robots deployed in the field; the
network software will additionally enable our engineers to provide remote
technical support. Candidates should have experience in analyzing
industrial or logistics processes, and have relevant knowledge with
servers, databases and network security. It is highly valued if the
candidates have qualifications in statistics and data sciences, and data
analysis programming using R, Python or other languages.

The computer vision engineer will be involved with the development of 3D
vision systems, image processing algorithms, and their implementation in
software and embedded systems. Candidates should have experience with image
processing, 3D vision, point cloud processing, object recognition, and Open
CV and PCL.

The potential candidate has two remuneration options to choose from:
(1) Monthly salary of 300,000 ~ 360,000 yen, with two additional bonuses
per year and stock options
(2) Annual salary of 6 ~ 8.4 million yen, without additional bonuses nor
stock option

Applications should be sent to [hidden email]

Company Profile
Founder & CEO: Professor Gang Xu, on leave from Ritsumeikan University
Founded: 2000
Size: 50 employees
Capital: approximately 1 billion yen
Headquarters: Noji 1-15-5, Kusatsu, Shiga Prefecture (17 minutes from Kyoto
by train)
Tokyo Headquarters to open in December 2017: Tatsumi 3-9-27, Koto-ku, Tokyo

The investors of 3D MEDiA Co., Ltd. include the Innovation Network
Corporation of Japan (an investment firm owned by the Japanese government),
Mirai Creation Investment Limited Partnership (backed by Toyota Motors and
Mitsui Sumitomo Bank), Omron Ventures, Toyota Tsusho Corporation, SMBC
Venture Capital and Mitsubishi UFJ Venture Capital.

Professor Gang Xu, the founder and CEO of 3D MEDiA Co., Ltd. is a
well-known specialist in 3D vision, authoring three books in 3D vision. He
received his Ph.D from Osaka University, has held tenure positions at Osaka
University and Ritsumeikan University, and was a visiting researcher in
Microsoft Research China, Motorola Australian R&D Centre and The University
of Tokyo. To concentrate on the management of the company, he is currently
on a five-year leave from Ritsumeikan University.
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