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Nick Hockings-2
The CSIRO Robotics and Autonomous Systems Group are offering a research
internship for PhD students in
Soft-matter perception / dynamic SLAM / non-rigid structure from motion -
for soft robotics


PhD internship

Soft matter perception


This project will integrate passive visual SLAM / non-rigid structure from
motion / shape-from-shading / visual-tactile soft matter perception.
The ideal candidate will have strong understanding of the mathematics of
optimisation based visual SLAM/NR-SFM, including priors, edge-preserving
regularization, and accelerated (mathematical) optimization.
Strong C/C++ coding and awareness of GPU programming techniques are also


Who we are:

# CSIRO “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation”, are
Australia’s premier national research institution, and the government’s
scientific advisors. We have multiple sites around Australia, and world
leading research across many fields.
# Data 61 are the computing and information technology arm of CSIRO.
# Robotics and Autonomous Systems (RAS) is one of the leading robotics
research groups in the world.
# Active integrated matter (AIM) is part of CSIRO manufacturing, tasked
with “researching the material things that interact with the digital world”.
# Autonomous Design is a program of related projects by RAS and AIM, to
develop new soft robot technologies.

What we offer:

CSIRO will provide stipend for living costs in Australia, an amazing
research opportunity in a world class research team.

What we don’t:

The internships do not provide airfare to/from Australia, nor medical
insurance. CSIRO is a research organisation not a degree-granting
institution. Applicants will need to register for a PhD separately with a
university or equivalent institution.


If you require further information please contact:

Dr Nick Hockings,              Nick.Hockings at Data61.csiro.au
Dr David Howard,               David.Howard  at Data61.csiro.au
Prof Dr Alberto Elfes,         Alberto.Elfes at Data61.csiro.au

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