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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] PhD position in Robotics at the IDEAlab, Arizona State University

Daniel Aukes
 The IDEAlab at ASU is hiring PhD students in the field of robotics,
design, and manufacturing. We are looking for students interested in the
following topics:

Developing new ways to make low-cost robots using non-traditional materials
and methods.
Building new design tools(CAD/CAM) for emerging manufacturing methods and
rapid prototyping, with a focus on simulation, modeling, and analysis,
specifically merging these topics with design and manufacturing; for
example, adding dynamics, kinematics, simulation, and FEA alongside design
software tailored to specific material systems. Solving tough robotic
challenges by applying the lab’s strengths in design, analysis, and

Interested applicants should hold a Masters(MS) in Mechanical Engineering
or a similar topic. Applicants must demonstrate a strong theoretical and
applied background in design, kinematics, dynamics, mechatronics, robotics,
and manufacturing. Applicants should be proficient programmers(Python, C,
C++), debuggers(electronics and code), and makers(rapid prototyping and

If you are interested in these topics, please attach a CV and one-page
summary of your research interests to [hidden email].

(Due to the large number of requests, I may not be able to respond quickly
or individually to each email, but I will review each one carefully.)


The IDEAlab is part of the Polytechnic School of Engineering, the newest
school of engineering at Arizona State University. The Polytechnic Campus
in Mesa, AZ is located in a fast-growing part of the Phoenix metropolitan
area, with easy access to downtown areas Phoenix and Tempe, while being
extraordinarily close to outdoor activities such as hiking and biking. It
also features a 15,000 sqf maker space called the Startup Lab and new
facilities centered around robotics and manufacturing.

ASU is #1 in the U.S. for innovation
U.S. News & World Report ranked ASU No. 1 among the “Most Innovative
Schools” in America for 2016, ahead of Stanford at No. 2, MIT at No. 3, as
well as Duke, Harvard and Cornell. The top rating was conferred by leading
college officials across the country based on ASU’s curriculum, faculty,
students, campus life, technology and facilities.

Dan Aukes

Assistant Professor
Barrett Honors Faculty
The Polytechnic School, Fulton Schools of Engineering
Arizona State University
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