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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Post-doc positions at Rutgers University: Planning, Learning and Control for Compliant Robots

Kostas Bekris

Postdoctoral positions available in Robotics
Theme: Planning, Learning and Control for Compliant Robots

For Postdoctoral Positions apply here:

PRACSYS Group, Computer Science, Rutgers University


Postdoctoral researcher positions are available in the PRACSYS lab at
Rutgers University in the areas of planning, learning and control for
compliant robots. Application domains include locomotion with novel
robotic platforms as well as manipulation and grasping with adaptive,
underactuated hands.

Researchers will have the opportunity to work on foundational or applied
aspects that will advance the use and understanding of compliant
robots.  Given existing projects, there are opportunities for
collaboration with Dr. Aaron Dollar's research group at Yale University
on adaptive, underactuated hands as well as the Intelligent Robotics
Group of NASA Ames on tensegrity locomotion robots. Candidates will be
able to apply research results on exciting, state-of-the-art robotic

The positions are immediately available with funding guaranteed for one
year, with the possibility of renewing for one more year. Salary is

Candidates should be knowledgeable in one related research area, which
includes a very broad set of domains. Relevant background may include
non-linear robot control, machine/reinforcement learning for robotics,
algorithmic/feedback motion planning, trajectory optimization,
generation of motion primitives, contact/compliance modeling, planning
under uncertainty, etc. A PhD degree in a related field (e.g., computer
science, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, aerospace
engineering, etc.) is expected by the time the candidate joins Rutgers

Successful candidates will have demonstrated a track record of
high-quality academic publications and scholarly engagement with the
robotics or their respective community. Contributions to foundational
advances or open-source software projects or hands-on experience with
robotic platforms will be viewed favorably. Ideal candidates will have
strong communication and leadership skills, as well as an interest in
robotics education.

Application Instructions
To apply, please submit a curriculum vitae, three references to be
contacted and a 1-page statement summarizing your relevant
achievements, interests and future plans at:

Application Deadline: January 31, 2018 or until positions are filled

Interested applicants can directly communicate with Dr. Kostas Bekris.

Regarding Robotics @ Rutgers
The robotics lab at Rutgers University provides access to
state-of-the-art robotics platforms, such as multiple dual-arm and
single-arm robotic manipulators, multiple mobile platforms as well as
adaptive, soft and vacuum-based end-effectors.

The PRACYS group is broadly working on algorithmic foundations of
robotics, ranging from planning to control and learning, and exciting
application domains, such as: a) collaborative manipulators that
effectively operate and interact in spaces designed for people and can
impact domains, such as logistics, manufacturing and service robotics;
b) novel platforms that take advantage of compliance, under-actuation
and soft material so as to safely operate in unstructured environments
and can impact applications, such as space exploration.

The Computer Science department at Rutgers is ranked 15th in robotics in
the US by CSRankings (csrankings.org). Rutgers University is
conveniently located 40 minutes away from New York City, 20 minutes from
a major international airport at Newark, NJ, and in close
proximity to many other top academic institutions that provide
opportunities for further interactions.

Kostas Bekris, Associate Professor
Computer Science, Rutgers University

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