[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoc position on indoor pedestrian visual/inertial localisation, ONERA, Paris, France

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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoc position on indoor pedestrian visual/inertial localisation, ONERA, Paris, France

Alexandre Eudes
We propose a post-doc position in the framework of the 3-years ANR MALIN
a challenge started on pedestrian indoor localization. The aim is to
benchmark different indoor
localization systems thanks to the competitive evaluation of 5
consortiums to finally obtain an
embedded, accurate and robust system. In this challenge, ONERA is
associated with an
industrial partner: iXblue, a French leader in inertial localization
systems. The goal
is to build on the expertise of ONERA and iXblue to develop a
localization system based
on loose fusion of stereo visual odometry and inertial measurements
provided by a high performance
inertial unit.

Research will focus on visual relocalization within a loose fusion scheme.
In a second time, autocalibration of visual sensors will also be considered.

The candidate must hold a PhD related to at least one of the following
visual SLAM/odometry, vision/inertial sensor fusion, computer vision/3D
reconstruction, relocalization and indexing.
Good C++ programing practice is required.

Skills in the following areas would be appreciated (but are not mandatory):
- inertial sensor and inertial/vision fusion;
- ROS ;
- experimental process and organization of data acquisition;
- Python development.

Qualified potential applicants should apply by email and provide the
following material:
      1) Cover letter
      2) CV
      3) List of publications
      4) Names and contact information of at least two references

Duration: The position is valid for one year and renewable up to 2 years.
Net salary: about 2500 euros per month
Location: ONERA center at Palaiseau (91), 20 km south of Paris.
ONERA (the French Aerospace Lab) is a public research center working in
the aerospace field.
Team: In the DTIS department (Information processing and Systems), the
IVA (Image, Vision leArning)
team is specialized in image processing and artificial vision with
activities covering a broad range
of applications such as image-based metrology, embedded vision, remote
sensing, etc.

Contact information:
Position id: PDOC-DTIS-2017-09
Alexandre Eudes (alexandre.eudes AT onera.fr)
Martial Sanfourche (martial.sanfourche AT onera.fr)
Oficial position link and additionnal details :

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