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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in Biofabrication at Yang Lab at Stanford University

Musculoskeletal diseases and trauma have an estimated global cost of US$950 billion
annually, placing a significant economic burden on national healthcare systems.
Musculoskeletal ailments severely impact mobility, dramatically reducing the quality of life for patients, especially the elderly. Regenerative medicine and tissue engineering hold great
promise to improve the treatment of these diseases and traumas as well as to restore lost
functions. But several fundamental questions remain to be addressed, such as how to
accurately mimic cell microenvironments and how to integrate vascularization for cell viability.

In our lab, we apply 3D bioprinting approaches to these problems. By putting together experts in biology, materials science, 3D printing, robotics and medicine, we aim to develop the next generation of 3D bioprinters in order to achieve breakthroughs in this field. We are currently working on a series of new bioprinting platforms that combine conventional 3D printing processes with a highly accurate deposition method, in order to engineer vascularized tissues with complex composition and study the effects of biomimetic cues on tissue regeneration.

We are therefore looking for motivated mechanical and mechatronic/robotic engineering
postdocs to participate in developing this new platform and integrate its different components together as a first step. In a second step, the candidate will also be part of the design and development of the next generation of 3D bioprinted medical devices and complex tissues.

The positions are available immediately, with the possibility to extend a second year
contract. Interested candidates should send a cover letter, their CV, and the names and
contact information of three references electronically to Dr. Peter Yang’s email address ([hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>).

Required Qualifications:
• Mechanical and electrical design and development of electromechanical systems
• Firmware and user-interface development (C or C++, LabView, Python)
• Experience with 3D printing technologies (preferably fused deposition modeling, molten-material extrusion and DLP-SLA)
• Experience with biodegradable polymers, hydrogels and ceramic is preferred, but not
• Experience working with cells and tissue engineering is beneficial, but not required

Please contact Dr. Peter Yang [hidden email]
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