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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] Research Engineer position on a platform dedicated to open learning in robotics

Vincent Padois-2
Learning algorithms require to define a representation of the states and
actions they will consider. The considered spaces can range from discrete
and small spaces to the space of raw perceptions and actions in the case of
"end-to-end" deep learning. The chosen representations constrain the
learning capabilities in some way (attainable behaviors or learning time)
and thus limit the adaptive capabilities of the robot. In the context of
different ISIR projects, notably the DREAM European project (
an approach has been developed to gradually build representations adapted
to each task that the robot will have to face (automatic construction of
the state and action spaces used by decision algorithms). This approach is
based on the combination of modules aimed at building knowledge based on an
active exploration of the environment and consolidating them over time
(life long learning).

ISIR is recruiting a research engineer to support these activities in
cognitive and social robotics. The goal is to develop a dedicated platform,
and in particular the cognitive architecture which will make it possible to
group these different modules. This architecture should allow a robot to
learn 1) how to solve tasks unknown to its designer since the discovery of
the environment and 2) its structure up to the acquisition of sensorimotor
skills to manipulate the objects or mechanisms that compose it.

These different cognitive abilities have started to be implemented as nodes
in the ROS robotic middleware. They have been applied and tested on the
Baxter and PR2 platforms. To ensure the durability of these developments,
the recruited engineer will be in charge of structuring and coordinating
the further development of these different modules to ensure compatibility,
connectivity and reusability, in interaction with the technical and IT
department of  ISIR. He/She may also have to implement missing modules
based on state-of-the-art algorithms.

The recruited research engineer will have a specific competence in
"software engineering for robotics" in order to coordinate, from a software
point of view, the different developments carried out by the project
stakeholders. The related technical fields are:
• ROS middleware;
• development of embedded applications for robotics in C ++;
• High level scripting languages: Python, LUA, ...
• Git and associated tools: github, gitlab;
• maintenance of the different software layers associated with the robots
and their sensors: drivers, firmwares, operating systems, middlewares
(including ROS).

Laboratory: ISIR, Sorbonne University - CNRS, Paris (campus Pierre and
Marie Curie)

For more information, please contact stephane.doncieux@sorbonne-uni
versite.fr, [hidden email]
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