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Ehsan Asadi
Job Title: Robotics Engineer - Motion Control and Planning
Location: Innovation Centre, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore

Transforma Robotics is looking to hire a highly motivated and skilled Robotics Engineer to join a multidisciplinary research and development team with diverse backgrounds.

You should be well versed in state-of-the-art, robotic arm motion planning algorithms, and has deployed them on real robotic hardware. You will be responsible for the development and refinement of combined task and motion planning of a mobile robotic arm in both Cartesian and joint space. You will be part of the core R&D team and will develop and test robust and deliverable software in Robot Operating System (ROS) that integrates the arm motion planning solutions with knowledge gathering and dispatch algorithms for a construction service robot.

This is an excellent opportunity to get involved in a high-tech and high growth company, working to build the innovative construction service robots. The salary is highly competitive and successful candidate will be rewarded with an exciting, diverse and demanding role which has many opportunities for career progression. We work in a fast-paced, agile environment, where we constantly collaborate, brainstorm & peer review ideas, and test proposed solutions. We encourage continual learning within the team.

Qualifications and Desired Skills:
 M.S. or Ph.D. degree in CS, EE, ME or related fields
 Strong interest in robotics, service robots and automation - Love robots
 Experience in robotic arm motion planning and one more area: software system Integration and testing, robot vision, mechatronics
 Strong Proficiency in Programming using C++, Python and experience with Linux
 Knowledge and experience in ROS and packages such as Moveit, OpenRave and …
 Demonstrated ability to work effectively in a small team with fast development cycles
 Effective oral and written communication skills in English
 Familiarity with computer vision, perception and related libraries such as PCL and/or OpenCV would be an advantage.

Application procedure:
Interested candidates, please send your CV to easadi AT transformarobotics.com. An interview will be conducted for each profile fitting the requirement.
For more information, you can contact Professor Chen I-Ming, Chair of Robotics Research Center, NTU, and Co-founder and CEO of Transforma Robotics: michen AT transformarobotics.com.

We welcome the interested applicants and researchers to visit us during ICRA 2017, at Transforma Robotics start-up corner or industry forum.

About Transforma Robotics:
Transforma Robotics is a high-tech startup company at the forefront of new technologies and innovations in robotizing construction services: a spin-off company from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and well supported by NTUitive and government agencies such as the Jurong Town Corporation (JTC Corp), Singapore. The company mission is to develop and integrate modular robotic platforms with artificial intelligence and data analytics to tackle real-life challenges of productivity and safety in the construction industry. We have a dynamic and highly educated team, and currently looking for more talented engineers to grow our team.