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George Konidaris-2
Hi everyone,

Realtime Robotics is a newly-funded early-stage startup based in Boston.
We are building a specialized processor capable of incredibly fast
motion planning (10,000 plans per second), and are currently developing
applications for clients in industrial and warehouse robotics, and
autonomous vehicles.

Our technology will enable complex robots and autonomous cars to
instantly generate motion in unstructured or semi-structured
environments, environments with dynamic or uncertain obstacles,
environments with other agents, applications where many plans must be
evaluated before execution, and problems where motion planning is an
essential and frequently-called subroutine for decision-making (e.g.,
combined task and motion planning).

We are looking for multiple:

   1) Robotics Scientists, preferably with a PhD in motion planning or
reasoning under uncertainty, substantial experience working on real
robots, and ability to independently lead projects.

   2) Robotics Engineers (MS or BS), with robotics experience (not
necessarily motion planning) and good software engineering skills. We
are especially (though not exclusively) interested in candidates with
substantial industrial experience.

To read about our technology, please visit our website:

Our openings are described here:

Please send applications to [hidden email].

  - Gdk.

George Konidaris
Assistant Professor
Department of Computer Science
Brown University
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