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[robotics-worldwide] [jobs] possible PhD on cable-driven parallel robots and assistance robotics in Nice

Jean-Pierre Merlet
The HEPHAISTOS project at INRIA Sophia-Antipolis, close to Nice,
France may have several opportunities for funding PhD thesis in:

-analysis of cable-driven parallel robots: they are a special form of
parallel robots which are actuated by cables with the advantage of
mechanical simplicity, possibly very large workspace and lifting
ability but their analysis is quite complex. One possible subject will
be to examine if additional uncertain sensing beside the cable lengths
may improve the positioning accuracy of the robot. This study will be
supported by a validation on one of our numerous prototypes

-assistance robotics: in close collaboration with clinicians the
project is working on several low-cost, low-intrusivity assistive
devices (such as walker, cane,..) for helping frail people and their
helpers, monitoring the health state of the subject even at home by
providing synthetic indicators to clinicians and managing emergency
situation such as a fall. Several subjects on this topic are

Information on the team may be found at:

We are looking for highly motivated PhD students with decent
programming skills in C/C++ and an interest for instrumentation and
experimentation that allow to validate an in-depth theoretical
analysis. PhD will start on autumn 2018. Application (full CV +
recommendation letters) shall be sent to [hidden email]
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