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Martin Joseph Dudziak PhD
_Opportunities for multiple experienced persons_:

*Cooperative Reconfigurable Robotics within Distributed Computing Networks*

There are two (2) very closely linked projects with common technologies
- _agriculture_ and _space_.  Yes. Connected through common
architectures and supportive functions. Read on.  These are real,
right-now, serious and long-term sustainable  opportunities - we have
carefully designed everything to be different from the all-too-common
experience ("here-today, gone-after-some-small-grant-runs out").

_Project/program descriptions follow here, along with URLs_ to more
information, papers, program descriptions and images.

First, what type of persons? A very precise spectrum of skills, talents,
interests, backgrounds, and multiple opportunities, not just one.

*1. *PhD or MS or exceptional BA/BS with desire to go on in education,
with emphasis on :
(a) robotics and/or electro-mechanical systems that incorporate mobile
mechanics and sensors - tactile (pressure), chemical(including
biochemical), and especially the interchange of different modules for
sensors and actuators.  But if you have focused strongly on UAV or AUV,
you may still be interested and have a good match with our Team.
-- or --
(b) mainly the control systems, the cybernetics, for managing
cooperative assemblies (teams) of robots, sensors, and non-mobile
computing resources as well, as well as the parallel distributed
computing architectures that are involved (keywords: network computing,
cloud, BOINC, CSP, PDP).

*2. *Senior-level experts who want to be involved in programs and
projects such as these, where there is (we explain) both:
(a) educational and humanitarian purposes and activities
-- and --
(b) for-profit entrepreneurship which is very solid, established, and On
Its Way Forward.
Such persons may be interested in being board members, mentors,
consultants, and connection-makers, and in all cases we are talking here
about equitable, fair, sustainable compensation.

*3. *Persons who are explicitly looking to be an intern or apprentice
(no age or schooling restrictions) with the following types of
(a) Seriously interested in what we are doing
(b) Able to make and keep a commitment even if it is very modest in
terms of time and activities.  "Follow-through" and "sticking with it"
is much more important than "quantity and mass."
(c) Interested in one or more of the following:
     -- the actual technical R&D, the science and engineering
     -- technical writing and composition and communication, in text
and/or graphics including video production
     -- organizational administration development and project management
     -- communications with academic and corporate technical and
research people, especially in EU, UK, RU and Asia-Pacific centers, but
also the Americas (mainly US-CA-MX-BR).

Initially relocation is not required, but at some point soon there will
be opportunities for such.  We will describe where and why - these are
in Europe and Asia but there are options developing for a few other
places, all connected with field sites, experimental installations.

We are particularly focusing upon mobile robots that are both UAV and
UGV, and among the latter, with functions of manipulating smaller
objects or portions of large objects for: (a) picking and carrying, (b)
moving out of the way, (c) drilling, cutting, or otherwise reducing the
size of the target object.

The _ASTRIC Project_ began first and is focused upon manipulation of
parts for assembly and construction, or for mining, or for the complex
tasks of repositioning, reorienting, and otherwise changing the
trajectory of objects in NEO space or deeper space which may include
space debris or, of greater focus and impetus, asteroids.

The _EcoVita Project_ is about heterogeneous, cooperative networks of
robots and sensors and computing resources for ultimately three
closely-connected fields - agriculture, energy, and environment,
emphasizing rural, sparse, and infrastructure-limited regions as well as
unusual and challenging topographies.  Our focus now is on the
agriculture. _AgroIntel_ has working modules and field systems.  We are
moving into Phase 2 and this includes real product development.

BOTH of these have educational and science-communication dimensions. 
These are oriented to children and youth, and to the audiences of both
STEM professionals and the business/corporate community.  This is a big
central work within MIRNOVA, in its Academy component.

_About the mobile robotics focus_: we are concentrating upon the
positioning of robots relative to objects of interest and handling, and
manipulative mechanisms, and not so much on frameworks of propulsion
with wheels, tracks, or other methods, but experience in such subsystems
will also be valuable, of course.

_About the sensor focus_: we are mainly using COTS
(commercial-off-the-shelf) sensor devices and concentrating upon their
uses in parallel and through the intelligent software, performing sensor
fusion and data mining tasks, plus integration of sensor data with
existing resources including available and correlated satellite
telemetry and UAV imagery and sensing ("big data" sources)

About the parallel, distributed network computing and special
fault-tolerance models, as well as what are known as:
    -- CHANT (aka "BANYAN") (a form of asynchronous network
transprocessing, based upon classical MIMD)
    -- ATHOS (adaptive set-theoretic learning model)
    -- DAIR (Dynamic Allocation of Intelligence Resources)
This is all best described through other materials once we begin a
realistic dialog.

_About some advanced directions in computing, networking, and addressing
"NP-Hard" complex problems with all of this_:
I would like to also add that because of the architecture that is in all
of this, it turns out that there is a whole other "dimension" of
cloud-type network computing that becomes available.  This may be hard
to understand at first.  It is not limited to robotics, and it grows
from the fact that everything in these systems (e.g., AgroIntel) is not
restricted, nor forced, to be operating (processing) at anywhere near
"100%" or for "7x24" periods.  Well, because of some of our other prior,
concurrent and collaborative research, we can begin now to make the
claim that our computing platform, with its robots and sensor modules,
can function to Simulate and Run Quantum Computing.  The algorithms,
that is.  No special hardware, no special chips involved.  Just a huge
number of amorphously integrated and load-balanced microprocessors and
their memory allocations.  To us this is a big, exciting, "Wow!  We Can
Do It!" state.  And it means that certain things, like quantum computing
(processes, algorithms) can begin to be designed and employed in
real-world tasks such as Agriculture, Energy, and Space, in the near
term, right now, and not requiring special "qubit array" hardware with
all the problems of decoherence and maintaining of physical quantum
entanglements. This is a great Big "Wow! We Can Do It!"

Once again, you can read much more online - see the resources listed
here below.

_Additional Information_:

(a) https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__mirnova.org&d=DwIDaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=_eWGzAAjamnJXD0Okr8JRw7Md14YP4iSQZjuyzHOjIQ&s=vi92u9k94ALbdWbbTpru36f0BOJ005mePPB97xSDsMk&e= and you can read about all the programs,
projects, activities - just explore the menus and postings including
some of the image galleries. If you have questions, just contact us. 
There is more on this site than pertains to robotics.  But it all fits
together with our "philosophy and practice" of robotics as a path to a
more educated and integrated society.

(b) - See particular these numbered links - 3, 4, 7, 8, 19, 37, 38, at

_Contact Points_:

MIRNOVA Academy and Institute

[hidden email]
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WhatsApp, Skype, Viber, and KakaoTalk for more communications.

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