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Nemec Bojan
Fully funded PhD position at Jozef Stefan Institute

Laboratory for Humanoid and Cognitive Robotics, Department of
Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics at Jozef Stefan Institute is
looking for one highly motivated PhD student with interest in humanoid
robotics. The fully funded position is starting in October 2017.

Department of Automation, Biocybernetics and Robotics is one of the
leading EU laboratories for cognitive robotics and participates in many
EU projects. The candidate will work on full size humanoid robot Talos
in one of the following research activities: autonomous robot learning,
model predictive robot control, bi-manual manipulation interacting with
the environment and human-robot cooperation.

The technical know-how of previous and current projects, including
Xperience, IntellAct, Acat, CoDyCo, Andy, ReconCell and Autoware will
contribute to the development of interfaces for advanced, adaptive and
cognitive behavior of the humanoid robot Talos.

Admission Requirements: master in Electrical Engineering, Computer
Science, Mathematics or similar fields, with a solid background in the
area of robotics, dynamical systems theory and computer programming. Due
to the requirements of the Slovenian Research Agency, the age of the
candidate is limited to 28 years and the average score of all exams in
bachelor and master studies should be above 8 (out of 10).

Duration: 4 years, possibly renewed
Place: Jozef Stefan Institute, Ljubljana, Slovenija

To apply: send an email to: [hidden email]

Institute web page : www.ijs.si
Department web page: abr.ijs.si
Please contact:
Prof. dr. Bojan Nemec, Head of the laboratory for Humanoid and Cognitive
Robotics ([hidden email])

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