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Samantha Jacobs

The April 2017 issue of the IEEE Transactions on Automation Science and
Engineering (T-ASE) can be found at the below link. For your convenience,
the TOC is listed below.

<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__ieeexplore.ieee.org_xpl_mostRecentIssue.jsp-3Fpunumber-3D8856&d=DwIFaQ&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=4xbqidEHT0khievukta5oNau9rGcS3k_Xd5biajTAuo&s=jDa2W2nPqLA2lowUOKeeb0S_qpCMIClpzDet3pZE1a0&e= >*

For details on the journal, info for authors, and upcoming
Special Issues, please visit:

With great appreciation for the excellent work and dedication of all
authors, reviewers, Editorial Board members, and Editorial Assistant
Samantha Jacobs

- Michael Yu Wang, EiC T-ASE

APRIL 2017 VOLUME 14 NUMBER 2 ITASC7 (ISSN 1545-5955)

Guest Editorial–A Remarkable Resurgence of Artificial Intelligence and Its
Impact on Automation and Autonomy
K. C. Morris, C. Schlenoff, and V. Srinivasan
Guest Editorial–Special Issue on Automation and Optimization for Energy
M. Dotoli, S. Grammatico, and N. Ciulli 410 SPECIAL ISSUE PAPERS
Distributed Optimal Coordination for Distributed Energy Resources in Power
D. Wu, T. Yang, A. A. Stoorvogel, and J. Stoustrup
Optimal Day-Ahead Operation Considering Power Quality for Active
Distribution Networks
Y. Tan, Y. Cao, Y. Li, K. Y. Lee, L. Jiang, and S. Li
Online Reconfiguration of Active Distribution Networks for Maximum
Integration of Distributed Generation
N. C. Koutsoukis, D. O. Siagkas, P. S. Georgilakis, and N. D. Hatziargyriou
Command Governor Strategies for the Online Management of Reactive Power in
Smart Grids With Distributed Generation
A. Casavola, F. Tedesco, and M. Vizza
Full Stochastic Scheduling for Low-Carbon Electricity Systems
F. Teng and G. Strbac
Overgrid: A Fully Distributed Demand Response Architecture Based on Overlay
D. Croce, F. Giuliano, I. Tinnirello, A. Galatioto, M. Bonomolo, M.
Beccali, and G. Zizzo
A Bilevel Approach for the Stochastic Optimal Operation of Interconnected
R. Minciardi and M. Robba
Distributed Optimal Control of Smart Electricity Grids With Congestion
D. B. Nguyen, J. M. A. Scherpen, and F. Bliek
A Hierarchical Decision-Making Strategy for the Energy Management of Smart
Nonlinear Control of a DC MicroGrid for the Integration of Photovoltaic
A. Iovine, S. B. Siad, G. Damm, E. De Santis, and M. D. Di Benedetto
Hierarchical Predictive Control of Microgrids in Islanded Operation
A. La Bella, S. Raimondi Cominesi, C. Sandroni, and R. Scattolini
Model Predictive Control-Based Optimal Operations of District Heating
System With Thermal Energy Storage and Flexible Loads
F. Verrilli, S. Srinivasan, G. Gambino, M. Canelli, M. Himanka C. Del
Vecchio, M. Sasso, and L. Glielmo
Asynchronous Distributed Control of Biogas Supply and Multienergy Demand
D. Alkano, J. M. A. Scherpen, and Y. Chorfi
Operation and Design Optimization of Microgrids With Renewables
B. Yan, P. B. Luh, G. Warner, and P. Zhang
573 Energy Management Improvement of Hybrid Electric Vehicles via Combined
GPS/Rule-Based Methodology
H. S. Ramadan, M. Becherif, and F. Claude
Smart Procurement of Naturally Generated Energy (SPONGE) for Plug-In Hybrid
Electric Buses
J. Naoum-Sawaya, E. Crisostomi, M. Liu, Y. Gu, and R. Shorten
Power Management for Hybrid Energy Storage System of Electric Vehicles
Considering Inaccurate Terrain Information
Energy Management of a Building Cooling System With Thermal Storage: An
Approximate Dynamic Programming Solution
R. M. Vignali, F. Borghesan, L. Piroddi, M. Strelec, and M. Prandini
Automated Performance Tracking for Heat Exchangers in HVAC
P. Wang and R. X. Gao
Energy and Peak Power Optimization of Time-Bounded Robot Trajectories
S. Riazi, O. Wigström, K. Bengtsson, and B. Lennartson
Conflict Between Energy, Stability, and Robustness in Production Schedules
N. Sundström, O. Wigström, and B. Lennartson
Integrated Methodology for Production Optimization from Multiple Offshore
Reservoirs in the Santos Basin
E. Camponogara, A. F. Teixeira, E. O. Hulse, T. L. Silva, S. Sunjerga, and
L. K. Miyatake
Rotational Speed Optimization in Oscillating Water Column Wave Power Plants
Based on Maximum Power Point Tracking
Lekube, A. J. Garrido, and I. Garrido
Guest Editorial–Special Section on the 2015 International Conference on
Automation Science and Engineering
M. Fabian, B. Lennartson, and K. Åkesson
 A Multi-Timescale and Bilevel Coordination Approach for Matching Uncertain
Wind Supply With EV Charging Demand
Q. Huang, Q.-S. Jia, and X. Guan
Fault Diagnosis of HVAC Air-Handling Systems Considering Fault Propagation
Impacts Among Components
Y. Yan, P. B. Luh, and K. R. Pattipati 705 Optimal Planning of Plant
Flexibility: Problem Formulation and Performance Analysis
C. Zhao, J. Li, N. Huang, and G. DeCroix
A Decision Support System for Cooperative Logistics
M. P. Fanti, G. Iacobellis, M. Nolich, A. Rusich, and W. Ukovich
Throughputs Maximization of Stochastic Customer Orders Under Two Production
Y. Zhao, X. Xu, and H. Li 745 A Real-Time Access Control of Patient Service
in the Outpatient Clinic
J. Song, Y. Qiu, and Z. Liu
Time Optimal Synthesis Based Upon Sequential Abstraction and Its
Application to Cluster Tools
S. Ware and R. Su
Decentralized Optimal Control of Distributed Interdependent Automata With
Priority Structure
O. Stursberg and C. Hillmann
Task and Motion Coordination for Heterogeneous Multiagent Systems With
Loosely Coupled Local Tasks
M. Guo and D. V. Dimarogonas
Real-Time Grasping Planning for Robotic Bin-Picking and Kitting Applications
J. Shi and G. S. Koonjul
Automated System for Semantic Object Labeling With Soft-Object Recognition
and Dynamic Programming Segmentation
J. Cleveland, D. Thakur, P. Dames, C. Phillips, T. Kientz, K. Daniilidis,
J. Bergstrom, and V. Kumar
Microscale Compression and Shear Testing of Soft Materials Using an MEMS
Microgripper With Two-Axis Actuators and Force Sensors
J. Qu, W. Zhang, A. Jung, S. Silva-Da Cruz, and X. Liu
Design and Analysis of Electrical Resistance Feedback for Automated Patch
Clamp on Adherent Cells
R. Yang, Y. Fang, J. Yang, and K. W. C. Lai
Human Intention Inference Using Expectation-Maximization Algorithm With
Online Model Learning
H. C. Ravichandar and A. P. Dani
Experimental Evaluation of Nearest Neighbor Exploration Approach in Field
P. Quin, G. Paul, and D. Liu
Solving Feeder Assignment and Component Sequencing Problems for Printed
Circuit Board Assembly Using Particle Swarm Optimization
H.-P. Hsu
Translation-Invariant Multiscale Energy-Based PCA for Monitoring Batch
Processes in Semiconductor Manufacturing
T. J. Rato, J. Blue, J. Pinaton, and M. S. Reis
Sensitivity Analysis for Building Energy Simulation Model Calibration via
Algorithmic Differentiation
S. Li, K. Deng, and M. Zhou
Classification of EMG Signals by BFA-Optimized GSVCM for Diagnosis of
Fatigue Status
Q. Wu, X. Chen, L. Ding, C. Wei, H. Ren, R. Law, H. Dong, X. L. Li
Tensor Voting Guided Mesh Denoising
M. Wei, L. Liang, W.-M. Pang, J. Wang, W. Li, and H. Wu
Relative Entropy-Based Density Selection in Particle Filtering for Load
Demand Forecast
X. Shi and N. Celik
Mobile RFID System in the Presence of Denial-of-Service Attacking Signals
J. H. Sarker and A. M. Nahhas
In-Plane Shape-Deviation Modeling and Compensation for Fused Deposition
Modeling Processes
A. Wang, S. Song, Q. Huang, and F. Tsung
Supply Chain Network Design Considering RFID Adoption
Y.-C. Tsao, Q. Zhang, and Q. Zeng
Parallel Multiagent Coordination Optimization Algorithm: Implementation,
Evaluation, and Applications
H. Zhang and Q. Hui
Visual–Tactile Fusion for Object Recognition
Improvement of Drug Delivery Routes Through the Adoption of Multi-Operator
Evolutionary Algorithms and Intelligent Vans Capable of Reporting Real-Time
E. Onieva, E. Osaba, I. Angulo, A. Moreno, A. Bahillo, and A. Perallos
Programming a Robot for Conformance Grinding of Complex Shapes by Capturing
the Tacit Knowledge of a Skilled Operator
W. X. Ng, H. K. Chan, W. K. Teo, and I.-M. Chen
Monitoring Spatial Uniformity of Particle Distributions in Manufacturing
Processes Using the K Function
X. Huang, Q. Zhou, L. Zeng, and X. Li 1031 Controlling the Residual Life
Distribution of Parallel Unit Systems Through Workload Adjustment
L. Hao, K. Liu, N. Gebraeel, and J. Shi
Sensor Multifault Diagnosis With Improved Support Vector Machines
F. Deng, S. Guo, R. Zhou, and J. Chen
Optimal Multi-Degree Cyclic Solution of Multi-Hoist Scheduling Without
Li and R. Y. K. Fung
On the Polygon Containment Problem on an Isometric Grid
X. Wei, B. Zhao, A. Joneja, and J. Xi
Optimization of Deterministic Timed Weighted Marked Graphs
Z. He, Z. Li, and A. Giua
Boosting Active Contours for Weld Pool Visual Tracking in Automatic Arc
J. Liu, Z. Fan, S. I. Olsen, K. H. Christensen, and J. K. Kristensen
Orienting Parts With Shape Variation
F. Panahi, M. Davoodi, and A. F. van der Stappen
A System for Automated Detection of Ampoule Injection Impurities
J. Ge, S. Xie, Y. Wang, J. Liu, H. Zhang, B. Zhou, F. Weng, C. Ru, C. Zhou,
M. Tan, and Y. Sun
A Novel Decentralized Process Monitoring Scheme Using a Modified Multiblock
PCA Algorithm
C. Tong and X. Yan
Modeling Interaction in Nanowire Growth Process Toward Improved Yield
F. Fathi Aghdam, H. Liao, and Q. Huang
Increasing Throughput for a Class of Two-Machine Robotic Cells Served by a
Multifunction Robot
M. Foumani, I. Gunawan, and K. Smith-Miles
State-Based General Gamma CUSUM for Modeling Heart Rate Variability Using
Electrocardiography Signal
L. Chen and X. Zhang
Application-Aware Dynamic Fine-Grained Resource Provisioning in a
Virtualized Cloud Data Center
J. Bi, H. Yuan, W. Tan, M. Zhou, Y. Fan, J. Zhang, and J. Li
A Sequential Budget Allocation Framework for Simulation Optimization
S. Gao, L. H. Lee, C.-H. Chen, and L. Shi
Elastic Resource Provisioning for Cloud Workflow Applications
X. Li and Z. Cai
Residual Life Prediction of Multistage Manufacturing Processes With
Interaction Between Tool Wear and Product Quality Degradation
L. Hao, L. Bian, N. Gebraeel, and J. Shi
Automatic Control of Cycling Induced by Functional Electrical Stimulation
With Electric Motor Assistance
M. J. Bellman, R. J. Downey, A. Parikh, and W. E. Dixon
Time-Optimal Path Planning With Power Schedules for a Solar-Powered Ground
A. Kaplan, N. Kingry, P. Uhing, and R. Dai
Lightweight Mashup Middleware for Coal Mine Safety Monitoring and Control
B. Cheng, S. Zhao, S. Wang, and J. Chen
Deformable Patterned Fabric Defect Detection With Fisher Criterion-Based
Deep Learning
Y. Li, W. Zhao, and J. Pan
Improvement in the Imaging Performance of Atomic Force Microscopy: A Survey
M. S. Rana, H. R. Pota, and I. R. Petersen
Multistep Forecasting Models of the Liquid Level in a Blast Furnace Hearth
F. S. V. Gomes, K. F. Côco, and J. L. F. Salles
Nonlinear Energy-Based Regulation Control of Three-Dimensional Overhead
X. Wu and X. He
Non-Gaussian Industrial Process Monitoring With Probabilistic Independent
Component Analysis
J. Zhu, Z. Ge, and Z. Song

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