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Gregory Chirikjian

Volume 36 Part 5 May 2018

Modelling reversible execution of robotic assembly
Johan Sund Laursen, Lars-Peter Ellekilde and Ulrik Pagh Schultz                                                         625

Bi-criteria minimization with MWVN-INAM type for motion planning and control of redundant robot manipulators
Dongsheng Guo, Kene Li and Bolin Liao                                                                                                    655

Nonholonomic mobile robots' trajectory tracking model predictive control: a survey
Tiago P. Nascimento, Carlos E. T. Dórea and Luiz Marcos G. Gonçalves                                              676

Evaluating concurrent design approaches for a Delta parallel manipulator
Salvador Botello-Aceves, S. Ivvan Valdez, Héctor M. Becerra and Eusebio Hernandez

Dimensional synthesis and concept design of a novel minimally invasive surgical robot
Guojun Niu, Bo Pan, Fuhai Zhang, Haibo Feng, Wenpeng Gao and Yili Fu                                           715

Kinematic calibration of serial manipulators using Bayesian inference
Elie Shammas and Shadi Najjar                                                                                                                   738

Robust adaptive command filtered control of a robotic manipulator with uncertain
dynamic and joint space constraints
Joseph Jean-Baptiste Mvogo Ahanda, Jean Bosco Mbede, Achille Melingui and Bernard Essimbi Zobo                                                                                                                           767
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