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Iwashita, Yumi (347J)
[Apologies if you receive multiple copies]


To be held as part of the 2018 Systems, Man and Cybernetics Conference in Myiazaki, Japan.
Myiazaki, JAPAN, October 8-9, 2018,

[Competition Theme]
Expandable Robots – From Small to Big (S2B)

Robots for exploration and operations, such as space robots for  planetary surface missions, are facing constraints in mass and volume.  Larger robots have potentially more capabilities for mobility and  dexterity, yet small packing volumes are justified by the constraints of  space transport vehicles. While certain folding is already in use (e.g.  for wheels, solar panels, mast), a significant increase in packing is  needed if one considers sending multiple robots to operate in  teams or  swarms, while having reasonably large deployed apertures. Expansion  would for example result in longer legs which would allow easier  overcoming of the terrain obstacles, longer arms to reach more distant  locations to collect samples for analysis, overall larger aperture of  the own body as a virtual instrument.

This challenge is to demonstrate robots that can be packed in small  volumes, and can deploy from those small packages to larger  volume/aperture, and can demonstrate functionality in the larger,  expanded form factor.

1) Robots should start by being packed within a 30 cm x 10 cm x 10 cm  volume ‘box’ (3U in cubesat terminology). Packages will be placed by  team members on the ground, at designated spot.

2) Robots deploy, remotely controlled or autonomously, to a larger volume,

3) The competition will have three categories of challenges. A robot can participate in one only, or in multiple challenges.
A. Traversability   – in which the winner would be the robot that  expands its body from the  box (at least one dimension is expected to be  larger than 1 m) and moves on the ground reaching longest lateral  traverse in 10 minutes, in an environment with obstacles of various  heights (surrounding ‘walls’ of increasing height, e.g. 20cm, 40cm and  60 cm tall).  The function would be one equivalent of a robot/rover that  traverses rough terrain going over obstacles.
B. Agility – in  which the robot expands its body from the  box (at  least one dimension is expected to be larger than 1 m) and exhibits a  function in place, e.g. raises and rotates a turret with a videocamera,  seeing over obstacles of various heights (surrounding walls, e.g. up to  60cm tall) The function would be one equivalent of a lander with various  deployable instruments that are deployed.
C. Esthetics - form and function chosen by competing team, for a robot  that comes out/deploys from a packed form factor of the ‘box’. This  would be an inspiring/artistic creation. 

[Procedure for participation]
1. Submit a Notice of Intent (NOI) to participate (title,  team members,  affiliation, email of team lead, abstract up to 250 words describing  the solution in high level terms).
Deadline:  September 15 2018.

2. Submit a VIDEO file (or link to download), video up to 5 minutes  long, in which you present your robotic entry solution. Its  narration/voice description should be in English. Subtitles/test during  the video can be in English or Japanese. 
Deadline:  September 30th, 2018

3. Demo showcase the robotic solution during the  SMC Robotic  Competition during SMC Conference, on Oct 8th, and Oct 9th (see  program).

Submit the Notice of Intent, and the Video Submission (or a link to the  video) – or any questions you may have by email to  [hidden email][hidden email],  [hidden email]

Subject of email “Robotic competition, SMC2018 S2B, Team/Name”, where  name can be the team name or if not decided yet, the institution or lead  person name.

First prize: $2500; Second prize: $1500; Third prize: $1000.    Additional prizes may be offered. The Jury will award the prizes for the  overall competition, regardless in which challenge category the robot  competed.  That means all prizes could end up being awarded for robots  competing in the same category, if such robots show impressive  performance compared to those of other categories. However, it is  expected to have awards in each category.

[Organizing Committee]
Adrian Stoica (Chair), Tadahiko Murata, Imre Rudas, Saeid Nahavandi, Ferat Sahin, Gyorgy Eigner, Roxanna Pakkar

Email [hidden email]   cc: [hidden email], [hidden email]

Yumi Iwashita, PhD
Jet Propulsion Laboratory
W: 818-393-0126, C: 626-524-6325
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