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Eric Diller
Dear Colleagues,
We invite you to attend the workshop at ICRA2018 *30 Years of
Small-Scale Robotics from Nano- to Millimeter-Sized Robotic Systems and
Date: Friday May 25th 2018 (full day workshop)
Workshop site with speaker list and schedule:

*Workshop Abstract*: There is little doubt that robotic systems
operating at nano-, micro- and millimeter scales will enable tremendous
advances in areas such as medicine, information security, or
microsystems assembly. Since the idea of the GNAT robots postulated 30
years ago at MIT, the field of small-scale robotics have presented
significant advances surmounting inherent limitations imposed by scaling
laws, often requiring creative solutions that challenge the very core
definitions of robotics. Furthermore, the functionality of these
small-scale robotic systems changes dramatically as their size is
reduced from millimeters to micrometers and finally to nano-meters; the
mode of operation of a centimeter sized artificial insect is
diametrically different from nano-scale drug-delivery "nanorobot".

The goal of this workshop is to create a forum that will bring together
leading researchers in the field of small-scale robotics, ranging from
the nano- to millimeter scales, providing a venue which allow the
small-scale community to present the latest findings regarding
small-scale robotics. The aim is to stimulate discussion contrasting the
differences specific to each size regime these robots operate at,
providing a retrospective look back at the progress in the last 30
years, and postulate about the progress in the next 30 years of
small-scale robotics.
on behalf of workshop organizers:

Looking forward to seeing you in Brisbane!
Eric Diller

on behalf of the workshop organizers:
Igor Paprotny, University of Illinois, Chicago
Eric Diller, University of Toronto
Aaron Ohta, University of Hawaii
Li Zhang, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Eric Diller
Assistant Professor
Department of Mechanical and Industrial Engineering
University of Toronto

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