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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS'18 Special Session on Soft Object Manipulation

Dear Roboticists

[ Apologies for duplicate messages ]

We invite you to submit a contribution to our new Special Session on Methods and Algorithms for Automatic Manipulation of Deformable Objects to be held at next IROS'18

See the information below

Robotic manipulation of rigid objects has been studied and implemented in several application fields for more than four decades now. More recently, part of the robotics research community has turned its attention to the design of sensor-guided methods and algorithms - but now for manipulating deformable objects. We believe that this rising interest in controlling deformations is mainly driven by the increasing de-industrialised use of robots for service tasks in human environments. The robotic manipulation of soft objects is needed in several economically important applications, e.g. in automated food preparation (shaping rheological materials), home/personal robotics (folding fabrics), medical robotics (manipulating organs and tissues), to name a few cases. However, despite the recent progress in soft robotics (which has mostly focused on designing deformable structures, but not on manipulating deformable objects), the automatic manipulation of compliant materials remains an open research problem with many promising benefits.
Our objective in this Special Session is to provide a specialised forum for experts in the problem, to present and discuss their recent results.

**Topics of Interest**
Given the multidisciplinary nature of this challenging problem, the papers to be presented will cover all aspects involved in deformable object manipulation, including planning, learning, estimation/identification, and control.
The general topics of interest are:

  *   Shape and deformation servo-control
  *   Automatic manipulation of fabrics and threads
  *   Learning/identification/simulation of deformable models
  *   Manipulation planning for soft bodies
  *   Benchmarking of soft object manipulation tasks
  *   Theoretical foundations and applications cases of soft object manipulation

**Call for Papers**
If you are interested in participating, please send us a one-page abstract (in std. IEEE template, including a figure if needed, and any references) of your paper by January 18th, to: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>
Papers will undergo the same review process (to be submitted by March 1st) as all other IROS 2018 papers and, if accepted, published in the proceedings and IEEE Xplore.

**Organising Committee**
David Navarro-Alarcon, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong
Andrea Cherubini, LIRMM / Université de Montpellier, France


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