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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] IROS workshop "Novel trends for Design and Optimal Control of Wearable Assistive Technology"

Katja Mombaur-2

              IROS 2019 Workshop  -- Call for Participation
Novel trends for Design and Optimal Control of Wearable Assistive
                         Fall day workshop on Nov 8, 2019, 9:00am - 5:30pm
                             Room LG-R13, The Venetian, Macao


Katja Mombaur and Lorenzo Masia, Heidelberg University, Germany

Design and control are the two pillars and complementary aspects of
wearable assistive technology. An effective design often starts from the
a priori knowledge of the control architecture which will be implemented
for having a device which is robust and ergonomically efficient. The
objective of this workshop is to highlight the new trends in design and
control optimization for assistive technology. New design approaches in
bioinspiration and biomimetics are re-shaping the field of assistive
technology: yet these novel trends comprising soft wearable robotics,
energy harvesting mechanisms, new intelligent materials, optimal control
and machine learning, and intelligent prosthetics show a scattered
scenario, and are far from being adopted in a synergistic way.

The workshop aims to broadly define the state of the art, to allow
experts to contribute their expertise in mechanical design, control
implementation and clinical analysis in order to envision a unified
strategy for "Human in the Loop". An open discussion will allow speakers
to contribute talks on specific areas which are complementary but not
yet synergistic, to bring together senior and junior researchers across
the multiple areas for meaningful discussions, and define new research
directions and opportunities for collaborations.

Topics of the workshop:
- Human-in-the-loop control of robotic systems
- Principled simplification approaches for modeling and analysis of the
human physical behavior
- Learning human sensory-motor control for human-to-robot skill transfer
- Exoskeletons and assistive devices for rehabilitation and augmentation
- Upper and lower limb prostheses
- Design optimization and optimal control of wearable robots
- Quantification of efficacy, safety and intuitiveness in human-robot
- Mutual learning and adaptation in human-robot systems feedback modalities

Confirmed speakers:
- Manuel Catalano (University of Pisa, IIT, Italy)
- Brian Kang, Seoul National University, Korea)
- Katherine Poggensee (Stanford, USA)
- Elliott Rouse (University of Michigan, USA)
- Kenji Suzuki (University of Tsukuba, Japan)
- Tom Verstraten (Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium)
- Nicola Vitiello (Scuola Superiore Santanna, Italy)
- Lorenzo Masia (Heidelberg University, Germany)
- Katja Mombaur (Heidelberg University, Germany)

More information about the workshop at


Prof. Dr. Katja Mombaur

Optimization, Robotics and Biomechanics (ORB)
Institute of Computer Engineering (ZITI)
Interdisciplinary Center for Scientific Computing (IWR)
Heidelberg Center for Motion Research (HCMR)
Heidelberg University

Mathematikon B ** 3rd floor ** Office L.100
Berliner Str. 45 ** 69120 Heidelberg ** Germany

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