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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] One day to go: Entrepreneurship Forum and Startup Contest EFSC 2018 in conjunction with IROS 2018

Erwin Prassler
    *Entrepreneurship Forum and Startup Contest EFSC 2018*

                  in conjunction with
2018 IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
                        (IROS 2018)
                Madrid, 1 - 5 October 2018


           Madrid Municipal Conference Centre
                    3 October 2018

*Purpose of the Event**
Robotic is on the verge to a new area. While at the beginning of this
millennium, robots that were design to
serve humans in their daily life, were still exotic niche products, 20
years later, new service robot applications
are breaking their way into the market almost weekly. It is not the
traditional robotics industry, however,
which drives this development. It is startups and small companies who
play the icebreaker and take all the
risk that comes with creating a new market.

To foster that entrepreneurial spirit and to provide a platform to
encourage researchers and practitioners to
transition ideas and prototypes to commercializable products, the IEEE
Robotics and Automation Society
(IEEE RAS) invites the robotics and automation community to participate
in an Entrepreneurship Forum and
Start-up Competition (EFSC) at the 2018 IEEE/RSJ International
Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems
(IROS’18) in Madrid, Spain.

The event is intended to inspire, educate, enable, and empower
researchers, students, young professionals,
and anyone else who has the 'start-up bug' in starting companies of
their own but is not sure of how to go
about it. We also believe that this event will create an ecosystem that
will provide the much-needed support
for start-ups to launch their initiatives while being realistic about
their envisioned ideas and products.

Erwin Prassler (H-BRS/runfun, IEEE RAS past VP for Industrial Activities)
Fabio Bonsignorio (Heron robots)
Renaud Champion (Primenext)
Jon Agirre Ibarbia (Tecnalia)

*EFSC at IROS'18 Consists of Three Stages**
• In the first stage, submitted applications will be down-selected to
arrive at a pool of qualified applicants
    based on a defined set of criteria developed by the organizers (see
'Application Form' information below).

• This will be followed by a remote stage where the selected applicants
will be paired with coaches based
    on the proposal content and the expertise of the coaches. The
coaches will then critique, and provide
    technical and professional assistance to refine the idea/product

• The final stage would allow for the refined pitches and content to be
presented in front of a distinguished
    panel of venture capitalists, industry, and academic experts who
have successfully funded, transitioned
    and have experience in commercialization of robotics and automation

*Who Can Participate?*

Anyone with an idea utilizing robotics and/or automation technology that
has reached a proof of concept level
is welcome to submit an application provided the entity is 1) less than
3 years old, and 2) has not received a
total funding larger than 500 KEUR since its inception.

How to Participate?**
Interested applicants should complete the Application Form available for
download from here: PDF, MS Word.
Please email completed forms to [hidden email].

*Travel Support and Awards**
We will provide travel support for all qualified applicants invited to
IROS'18. Teams from Europe will be eligible
to a 750 EUR travel grant, teams from overseas will be supported with a
1500 EUR grant. In addition there will
be a financial award for the top three finishers (pending funding
approval at the time of this Call). Qualified
applicants will further receive a free mini-booth in the IROS'18
exhibition area for an interactive presentation
of their product (idea).

*Important Dates**
Submission of Application Forms:               30 June 2018
Announcement of Selected Applicants:           31 July 2018
Coaching on demand                             August 2018
Final Presentations at IROS'18:                3 October 2018

Prof. Dr. Erwin Prassler
Past Vice President for Industrial Activities IEEE Robotics and
Automation Society
B-IT Bonn-Aachen International Center for Information Technology
Applied Science Institute
Grantham-Allee 20
53757 Sankt Augustin
[hidden email] / [hidden email]

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