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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Participate at the ICAR 2019 Workshop on Physical Robot Interaction - FINAL DEADLINE

Gustavo Jose Giardini Lahr
Participate at the “Physical Robot Interaction” Workshop @ICAR19

ICAR 2019 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil, 5 or 6th of December


Final poster abstract submission: November 20, 2019

Notification of acceptance: 5 November 25, 2019

Workshop: December 5, 2019


Prof. Neville Hogan           (MIT, USA)

Prof. Glauco A. P. Caurin  (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Prof. Thiago Boaventura  (University of São Paulo, Brazil)

Eng. José Otávio Savazzi   (EMBRAER, Brazil)

MSc. Gustavo Lahr              (University of São Paulo, Brazil)


-    Adriano Siqueira, University of São Paulo (Brazil), lower limbs
rehabilitation devices; status: [confirmed]

-    Thiago Boaventura, hydraulic torque actuators for interaction control,
University of São Paulo (Brazil); status: [confirmed]

-    Michele Focchi, Italian Institute of Technology (Italy), legged
robotics; status: [confirmed].

-    Oseias Ferreira, EMBRAER S.A., systems automation and control; status:

-    Emilia Villani, Aeronautics Institute of Technology (Brazil), aircraft
manufacturing systems; status: [to be confirmed].

-    Neville Hogan, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA); bio-
robotics in rehabilitation; status: [to be confirmed].


Dear colleagues,

The half-day workshop organizers invite interested partners, companies and
institutions to participate in this workshop by submitting a one-page
abstract for a poster interactive session.

To participate, please submit via email to <[hidden email]>.  All
contributions will undergo a brief review by the organizers, and the
authors will be notified. The 1-pager must be written in the IEEE ICAR 2019
template format, with a 6MB max size.


Robots are transitioning to become more present in everyday life of humans,
from our industries to our homes. One of the most important requirements is
safety during interaction in these environments, but also dexterity is
needed to execute tasks. Depending on their application, physical
interaction is inevitable. To properly handle these physical contacts, it
is essential to be able to control the interaction forces. This motivates
the field of study of interaction between robots and humans, objects or the

Interaction control has many benefits, but still not yet available to most
of available robots. Therefore, the main objective of this half-day
workshop is to bring together experts in the fields of physical robot
interaction to gain a better understanding of the needs and challenges in
dealing with contact tasks, as well as on their practical implementation
and application.


Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

-    Physical human-robot collaboration

-    Leg and arm impedance control

-    Interaction control on industrial robots

-    Collaborative mobile manipulation

-    Limitations on achievable impedance parameters in real implementations

-    Aerial manipulation

-    Applications of active compliance

-    Stability and passivity in physical interaction control

-    Exoskeletons and wearable robots

-    Industrial assembly tasks

-    Impedance learning

-    Interaction control in rehabilitation devices

Please visit the website:

For further info, please contact Gustavo Lahr ([hidden email]).


Gustavo Lahr
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