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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] RSS 2018 Workshop on Robot Mediated autism Intervention: Hardware, Software and Curriculum

Momotaz Begum-3

Call for Participation!
RSS 2018 Workshop on “Robot Mediated autism Intervention: Hardware,  
Software and Curriculum”
Date: June 30, 2018
Location: Carnegie Music Hall, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA

Workshop focus:
It is not a news anymore that robots are effective intervention tools  
for many children with autism.
What we may not know is how well the end-users are coping with this  
advanced piece of technology.
This workshop aims to bridge that knowledge gap. Robotics researchers  
(both from industry and academia)
and autism practitioners who use robots as intervention tools will  
come together to foster a discussion
on effectively developing robot hardware, novel algorithms,  
curriculum, and progress measurement tools
for the practitioners to meet the ultimate goal of advancing the  
social and learning skills of autistic
children, helping them secure a confident and comfortable position in  
life as a child and an adult.

Therefore, the workshop has two themes:
1.        Novel Hardware and Software to help robot-mediated  
intervention: Discussing the need of
novel robot hardware and software (algorithm, visual programming  
language, interface) to enable
seamless integration of robots in existing clinical practice in  
autism. The workshop will also
discuss about the possibility of initiating industry-led open  
challenges to solve fundamental
problems in robot design (hardware/software). The specifics of such  
challenges could be defined
by autism practitioners who encounter issues while using the existing  
robotic technologies.
2.        Best practice in robot-mediated intervention: Creating a  
common cause for identifying
ever better fact-based tools, strategies, and methodologies to  
establish robot-mediated
intervention as an effective EBP in autism. The workshop will discuss  
on the possibility
of establishing a framework for developing a certification standard  
for RMBI. Such an
effort needs to be backed by clinical researchers on autism,  
practitioners who deliver
RMBI and robotics companies that provides curriculum along with the robot.

Invited Speakers:
1. Prof. Nilanjan Sarkar : Robotics
2. Prof. Henny Admoni    : Robotics
3. Prof. Thierry Karsenti : Education Technology
4. Dr. Laura Buccanfuso   : Industry
5. Francesca Dansereau, Sara Iatauro: Robotics and Special education
6. Mary Ellen Paradiso : Robotics and Special education
7. Mike Radice         : Industry

Momotaz Begum, University of New Hampshire, [hidden email]
Mike Radice, ChartaCloud Robotics, [hidden email]


Momotaz Begum
Assistant Professor
Computer Science Department
University of New Hampshire
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