[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Special Session ARM 2017 --“Bioinspired Embodiment for Intelligent SensIng and DExterous action in autonomous Robotics (BE-INSIDER)”--

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[robotics-worldwide] [meetings] Special Session ARM 2017 --“Bioinspired Embodiment for Intelligent SensIng and DExterous action in autonomous Robotics (BE-INSIDER)”--

[Apologies for multiple copies of this announcement]


Special Session on “Bioinspired Embodiment for Intelligent SensIng
and DExterous action in autonomous Robotics (BE-INSIDER)”


Hefei and Tai’an , China, August 27th-31st  2017

Topic and Objectives
An efficient and forefront design of advanced robots requires solving a compromise among size and weight, functional dexterity and control complexity. Basically, this comes down to choosing the optimal number and placement of sensors and motors as well as the motion couplings and the mechanical compliance. A solution to the problem can be found in designing bioinspired devices. Advanced mechanical designs such as soft actuation, underactuated mechanisms and hyperredundant/ continuum robots together with multimodal distributed sensing, machine learning algorithms and reactive control might exhibit enhanced capabilities of adapting to changing environments and learning from exploration.
The special session addresses a broad spectrum of topics within mechatronic design of smart robots with embodied intelligence. Special attention should be given to the integration of mechatronic design with control efficiency and simplification and autonomous enhanced capabilities. This includes mechanism modeling and design, new actuation concepts, innovative transmission systems and actuation networks, novel sensors and sensing allocation, learning tecniques and adaptive/reactive control algorithms. The scenarios of interest cover all the field of robotics and thus go from medical to industrial applications.

Paper Submission
All the submissions to the special session will be considered for the publication in a special issue (publisher to be announced) on “Bioinspired Embodiment for Intelligent SensIng and DExterous action in Robotics (BE-INSIDER)”. The papers will be both reviewed by Journal and Conference Program Committee. The papers accepted for the publication in the special issue of the Journal, will not be included in the conference proceeding, but they should be registered in the conference. On the other hand, the papers that are rejected by the Journal can be accepted for the publication in the conference on the base of the comments of the Journal reviewers. The authors should submit the potential paper to https://easychair.org/conferences/?conf=icarm20170, and also submit the same copy to submission at the Journal site. For more information about the special issue and conference, please contact the corresponding chair Dr. Umberto Scarcia (umberto.scarcia2@unibo.it).

Important Dates
Deadline for paper submission, May 10th, 2017
Notification of acceptance for papers, June 10th, 2017
Deadline for early registration, April 10, 2017

Organization Chairs
Umberto Scarcia
DEI, University of Bologna, Italy

Gianluca Palli
DEI, University of Bologna, Italy

Fanny Ficuciello
DIETI, University of Naples Federico II, Italy