[robotics-worldwide] [news] 2nd Call for Contributors, university level text book on "Biomechatronics" to be published by Elsevier

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[robotics-worldwide] [news] 2nd Call for Contributors, university level text book on "Biomechatronics" to be published by Elsevier

Popovic, Marko B.
Call for Contributors
Title: Biomechatronics
Lead Editor: Marko B. Popovic
Publisher: Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier Inc.

I am inviting you to contribute to a reference book, university level text book on “Biomechatronics” to be published by Elsevier. The anticipated target audiences are researchers and practitioners, graduate students, and advanced undergraduate students in this field. The first draft manuscript is due March 1, 2018. The final deadline for all production-ready chapters is August 15, 2018. The book expected print date is March 1, 2019.
The goal is to create a useful and popular book by bringing together leading experts in appropriate sub-fields of biomechatronics to write about the research they have been doing in a way that is both complete and educational. This volume will be multi-authored with Professor Marko B Popovic as the lead editor. Each chapter may be written by several contributors. The lead author will contribute to content and oversee that material is consistently of high quality and appropriately integrated within the manuscript. The tentative list of chapters is attached below.
Please let me know which chapter(s) you may be interested in contributing. Please provide as many specifics as you deem appropriate (describe if you want to contribute to the entire chapter or just some specific area). Also, let me know if you would like to propose another chapter, not listed below, or modify the title of an already existing one. Any other comment or advice will be appreciated.

Please provide your final decision before May 1, 2017. I would appreciate your response some time before that. The earlier the better, as it would help us with planning.
 Each contributor will receive a complimentary ebook once this has published. The honoraria for contributing authors will be determined by Elsevier after May 1, 2017.

                For more information, please feel free to contact:

  *   Marko B. Popovic – Lead Editor: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>
  *   Anna Valutkevich – Elsevier Editor: [hidden email]<mailto:[hidden email]>

Biomechatronics holds a promise to be one of the most influential innovative research directions defining the 21st century. Biomechatronics will provide a complete and up-to-date account of this advanced subject at the university textbook level such that it can be used as a primary textbook for courses in biomechatronics.
The book will provide a “big picture” of the 21st century state-of-the-art science and technology by offering a pedagogical introduction to a large variety of topics, a review of historical developments, and the most up-to-date insights into the modern day biomechatronics as witnessed by leaders in this unified field. The book may be used in courses on biomechatronics, biologically inspired engineering, biomedical engineering, bioengineering, biotechnology, engineering in medicine, biomechanics and robotics related courses and as a part of programs in robotics engineering, mechanical and electrical engineering, biomedical engineering, health science and technology, bioengineering, biotechnology etc. Biomechatronics may be used as a primary textbook in a course on biomechatronics at the graduate and advanced undergraduate level by providing a pedagogical introduction and a complete account of the majority of topics in Biomechatronics.

About the Editor
Professor Popovic single authored “Biomechanics and Robotics” university textbook, he has many years of research experience at the forefront of biomechatronics field, and he has many years of experience teaching and advising graduate and advanced undergraduate students on various topics in biomechatronics. For more information please see https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__users.wpi.edu_-7Empopovic_&d=DwIF-g&c=clK7kQUTWtAVEOVIgvi0NU5BOUHhpN0H8p7CSfnc_gI&r=0w3solp5fswiyWF2RL6rSs8MCeFamFEPafDTOhgTfYI&m=C37a3Ahp0S6s7-k4Xa7iOqy3KUIMsmILJoIPf7F7ydg&s=nHhTDWMO-jsoAa8X6ali01iaXoU4xcxp-jY6CtX2lfk&e= 

Tentative Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Definitions, motivation, structural elements and system architecture, historical overview; references

Chapter 2

Natural and synthetic muscles, other actuators, functional electric stimulation; references

Chapter 3

Natural and synthetic sensors; references

Chapter 4

Nervous system based control, synthetic system control, unification; references

Chapter 5
Artificial organs, tissues, support systems

Heart, hearing, vision, etc.; diabetes assistance; references

Chapter 6
Molecular and Cellular level

Applications in biotechnology and medicine addressing molecular and cellular level

Chapter 7
Prosthetic limbs

Upper and lower synthetic limbs; long term enabling assistance

Chapter 8
Orthotic systems

Long term enabling brace technologies for upper and lower limbs; references

Chapter 9
Exoskeletons, exomusculatures, space suits

Wearable systems for physical augmentation; references

Chapter 10
Physical therapy and rehabilitation

Support systems for function restoration and short term assistance; references

Chapter 11
Wheelchairs and other mobility assistance

Advanced wheelchairs, legged systems, walkers, crutches, canes etc.; references

Chapter 12
Robotic surgery

Biomechatronics and surgical applications; references

Chapter 13
Other medical applications

In clinic and at home assistance, feeding systems, endoscopy, massage systems, etc.; references

Chapter 14
Sports, exercise, entertainment

Advanced exercise systems, games, etc.; references

Chapter 15
Biomechatronics: new dawn

Very small robots inside the body, bionic human and beyond, new evolution paradigm; references

Chapter 16
Practice problems

About one hundred practice problems at the graduate / advanced undergraduate level

Chapter 17
Solutions for selected problems

Solutions for about thirty problems


Index of names, index of terms

Best regards,
Marko B Popovic

617 470 8198

WPI Popovic Labs
Olin Hall 017
100 Institute Road
Worcester Polytechnic Institute
Worcester, MA 01609, USA

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