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[robotics-worldwide] [news] Lecture Notes - Optimal and Learning Control for Autonomous Robots

Jonas Buchli-2
Dear colleagues,

we have published the lecture notes of our course on 'Optimal and
Learning Control for Autonomous Robots' on arXiv. This might be of
interest -and hopefully useful- to some of you.


"Optimal and Learning Control for Autonomous Robots has been taught in
the Robotics, Systems and Controls Masters at ETH Zurich with the aim to
teach optimal control and reinforcement learning for closed loop control
problems from a unified point of view. The starting point is the
formulation of an optimal control problem and deriving the different
types of solutions and algorithms from there. These lecture notes aim at
supporting this unified view with a unified notation wherever possible,
and a bit of a translation help to compare the terminology and notation
in the different fields. The course assumes basic knowledge of Control
Theory, Linear Algebra and Stochastic Calculus."

The course website is at:

Jonas, Farbod, Alex, Tim & Markus

Prof. Dr. Jonas Buchli
Agile and Dexterous Robotics Lab
Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems
ETH Z├╝rich
+41 44 633 92 06
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