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Nikos Nikolaidis
OpenDR "Open Deep Learning for Robotics Toolkit", is a EU Horizon 2020
Project which was launched on January 2020 and aims to develop a modular,
open and non-proprietary toolkit for core robotic functionalities by
harnessing deep learning to provide advanced perception and cognition
capabilities, meeting in this way the general requirements of robotics
applications in the areas of healthcare, agri-food and agile production.

OpenDR will enable real-time robotic visual perception on high-resolution
data and enhance the robotic autonomy exploiting lightweight deep learning
for deployment on robots and devices with limited computational resources.
In addition, it aims to propose, design, train and deploy models that go
beyond static computer vision and towards active robot perception, providing
deep human-centric and environment active robot perception, as well as
enhanced robot navigation, action and manipulation capabilities.

OpenDR has just produced its first Newsletter that provides information
about the project, its consortium and major results so far.
The Newsletter is available at  the following link:


The OpenDR Team

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